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Histamine is a neurotransmitter that is used for water distribution in the body. When dehydrated it secretes enormous amount of histamine in order to distribute more precisely the water to the organs and the brain at the expense of the connective tissue and the skin so that functioning of the body could be maintained. Therefore allergic reactions manifest themselves as skin lesions (degradation and malformation of skin cells - degeneration, mutations, proliferation - enlargement), swelling of nasal and ocular mucosa, inflammation of the bronchi. Upon dehydration increases dramatically in bronchi the amount of histamine in order to suspend the thickening of the blood so that water may not be removed from it in the lungs and from there to the atmosphere during exhalation but to be maintained in the blood stream. The conclusion is that the increased histamine in the lungs leads to bronchospasm for the preservation of water in the body as a reaction against dehydration thereof. This mechanism for maintaining blood viscosity is directly related to the mechanism of getting a heart attack, described in details in the topic "Dehydration, the main cause of heart attacks" hereinunder. Despite the perfection of nature which uses histamine to compensate for our irrationality to avoid drinking water everything in this world has its limits and ultimately the blood begins to thicken to a degree causing serious platelet aggregation, formation of vascular "stoppers" (clots) that clog some coronary arteries and this leads to heart attack. It is another fact that dehydration is the main causative agent also of hypoxia (cell oxygen starvation) that results in ischemia (insufficient supply of the organs with blood) and respectively it does result in acidification of the body and from there to the basic condition for the anaerobic growth of tumors.

As I said above dehydration enhances the release of histamine and on its turn of vasopressin. In certain degree of dehydration and the influence of vasopressin are secreted interleukin 1 (IL-1), and it activates the interleukin 6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). These are substances which normally fight external pathogens (antigens) but in the case of dehydration due to the absence of antigens their action is directed towards our own cells and tissues into which they enter and induce their self-destruction in order to provide resources (amino acids and peptides) needed to dehydrated cells which due to the lack of water the metabolism was unable to provide in the normal physiological way. Interleukin 6 and TNF activate enzymes called proteases (enzymes decomposing proteins) in the cell membrane and elsewhere in the cell as proteases start to degrade proteins and fragment (tear) the DNA helix. This self-digestion and tearing of the DNA leads to genetic mutations in the cells and cancer.

The lack of water in the body causes also achlorhydria (strongly reduced secretion of hydrochloric acid) for water constitutes 98% of the protective mucous layer of the stomach and when there is not enough water for it and in order to protect the lining of the strong hydrochloric acid its production stops. In order to absorb zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium and other essential minerals for health acid is required. The absence of these minerals in the metabolic processes in the body results in neurological diseases such as Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson and others. These pathologies are caused at low levels of vitamin B9 and B12 which is the second but also very powerful mechanism for the onset of these diseases. The combination of the two is the most common reason for their occurrence.

And lastly dehydration and/or improper water intake regardless of the quantity accepted lead to the formation of gallstones and kidney stones. Three years in a row I suffered from the so called "disease" - kidney stones for which my urologist was convincing me that once started these kidney crises will constantly appear and they will repeat while I'm alive every year. This was before I have found out the truth about the essence of this acute medical condition. Yes but NO! Since I drink water in normal physiological norms already three years I have no got any symptoms of renal crisis.

As you can notice from the narrative anything is related to the lack of water. Stupidity of doctors pushing into your hands antihistamines and diuretics just for nothing is arrogant and in rude contradiction to what is written in the textbooks of medical knowledge!

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