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Any alcohol in any amounts causes intoxication (poisoning) of the body. The methyl alcohol, however, even in negligible quantities leads to blindness and rapid death. Never drink alcohol of unverified origin. The ethyl alcohol is the one that is widely used around the world in the form of brandy, ouzo, sake, whiskey, etc.

Alcohol greatly reduces vasopressin release from the pituitary and spinal cord cells. The lack of vasopressin in the blood leads to the amplification of dehydration of the body. Gradually its chronicity causes stress to the body which is offset by itself through the secretion of the hormone endorphin. Thus with each next cup of alcohol the stress also becomes chronic and increases the dependence on the release of large amounts of endorphins. Women are more prone to release of endorphins for physiological reasons - in childbirth, menstruation, etc. so they become an alcoholic after regularly drinking for not more than two years. With men this period takes six years.

Systemic overdoing with these drinks leads to irreversible liver damage. It is useful to know that if you cause yourself methyl alcohol poisoning you should immediately swallow ethyl alcohol because the latter has the qualities of an antidote. The principles and reasoning about outrageous waste of resources for personal pleasure associated with alcohol impudence are the same as for cigarettes smoking.

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