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Why chewing gum leads to tooth decay and is harmful to your stomach? When chewing are stimulated the salivary glands and saliva is a direct reflection of personal health. What do I mean? When chewing salivary glands secrete saliva with a pH corresponding to the acid-base balance in the body. More about the importance of pH see in paragraph "pH-strips" below. If you are "acidic" then saliva has acidic reaction and if you are "alkaline" saliva has alkaline reaction. In the mouth bacteria that stick to the teeth and form plaque cause decalcification of tooth enamel and caries but more important is the fact that they are anaerobic beings i.e. thrive only in an acidic environment that you provide them through chewing gum. People who live and eat unhealthily are all "acidic" as it means that by chewing gum they always spoil their teeth. The opposite is also not in favour of health. If your saliva is alkaline although this does not hinder the health of your teeth damage is done anyway this time to your stomach because chewing gum initiates digestive reflexes and start the entire metabolic pathway in the body which includes secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach. On an empty stomach they cause erosion of its lining which is a prerequisite for the development of Helicobacter pylori, ulcers and cancer.

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