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Mental health of children is determined by the cultural and intellectual environment at home. It should be calm and balanced.

In families in which persist feigned and misunderstood civilizational values, lack of sufficient concern combined with simple ignorance are the main factors accompanying children's raising. I'm talking about the fact that most children nowadays are growing up standing all day long in front of the TV screen instead of reading them a book and in later age again they experience diurnal standing in front of the computer screen not being accustomed to the love of reading books. By itself the TV screen is a source of strong light radiation which exhausts the eyes and increases intraocular pressure but the worst comes from what is seen thereon. The lazy dads and moms have excellent replacement for their duties - the cartoons on TV. 99% of these cartoons include scenes of violence performed by sinister "heroes" who revile each other grimacing with freaky faces amid extremely aggressive screams and zombieing tunes. The rapid change of frames is tiring even for an adult and the little brain of the child is ready to exploded in just 10-15 minute stay in front of such health inquisition. Gradually, the child develops phobias and fears that because of its tender age cannot express and share with you. When a child learns to cope somehow with a computer, tablet or smart phone there starts the uncontrolled zombieing with games whose scenarios again include gore, beatings and demonic creatures with mind enslaving game "mission."

As I mentioned this is very "convenient" for the parents for so they could drink coffee untroubled while next to them or in the other room is growing up a small man with a sick mind! Consider what you are causing to your children when you send them into exile before the TV screen and the abyss of computer and Internet cesspool. The visual models with which they grow up set a time bomb in their future which will severely affected you as well!

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