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The topic treats the following nervous system disorders - Autism, Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease that can be initiated in the vast majority of cases due to severe deficiency of vitamins B9 and B12. All that is prescribed below as a therapy for the treatment of autism also concerns and applies to the treatment of the aforementioned diseases. Autism is caused very, very rarely by genetic damage of detoxification circuits of the body and in the remaining cases is a result of undernutrition state of vitamin B9 and B12 in the child's body as mercury poisoning that occurs as a result of immunizations is only the trigger which in certain cases such as the one below starts the pathological mechanism for manifestation of symptoms from the autism spectrum. The deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body of the child is a result of its pathological deficiency in the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. This deficiency is aggravated in breastfeeding since in breast milk this vitamin is still in insufficient quantities and thus the level of vitamin B12 in the infant remains critical. Unlike breast milk the adapted baby food have enough B12 as neonatologists reported that such infants in many cases quickly catching up this deficit. One of the major causes of vitamin B12 deficiency in mothers is malnutrition due to erroneous eating habits wherein there are not enough animal proteins in the diet which are rich in vitamin B12 as opposed to the pseudo-analogue of vitamin B12 in plants which is not digested and used by human organism. Here we talk about mothers indulged in the idea of vegetarianism and veganism which is disastrous for them and their children. Another reason for the shortage of B12 is its bad absorption by the body caused by an autoimmune disease associated with reduced secretion of the enzyme "intrinsic factor" in the stomach. This leads to a decrease in effectiveness of the immune system. Smoking is the other major cause which blocks the absorption of B vitamins due to smoking-induced vasospasm and poisoning of the body with heavy metals.

The material that follows is a description of a real case with my patient and her child. She is a 2 years old girl who for just one night with the help of Vitamins B9, B12 and C, I managed to transform from 100% autistic into a healthy and happy child what actually she was before injecting her with the poisonous Turkish mercury-containing vaccine Pentax, this is how:

I advised the mother to stop all chemical supplements, multi-vitamins, sprays and procedures, etc. performed and administered by various "specialists" and to adhere to a general rule - "The more simpler the more reliable things are". What do I mean? Instead of the poisonous and useless mixes of vitamins, full of colorants, unnecessary binding mineral compounds and whatnot from which the girl had an allergic rash the mother trusted me and bought from the pharmacy only vitamin C 200 mg in drink ampoules, vitamin B9 (folic acid) of 400 micrograms in tablets and vitamin B12 - 200 micrograms, in the form of methylcobalamin (but not cyanocobalamin) sublingual tablets - sold in stores for food supplements. The choice of tablet form was predetermined by the fact that a child of two years being also autistic would be traumatized by placing the injectable forms of these vitamins. The acceptance schedules that I administered was divided into two stages throughout the day - firstly the intake of vitamins B9 and B12 as B12 is half a tablet i.e. 100 micrograms and from vitamin B9 also half a tablet i.e. 200 micrograms. These are ground to a powder state and mixed with the porridge which is fed in the morning or at noon. On the next meal i.e. at noon or in the evening but not sooner than two hours from the administration of vitamins B9 and B12 is added half ampoule of vitamin C and is also mixed with the food. According to the laws of the biochemistry vitamin B12 and on the other hand vitamin C are not well absorbed when taken together at the same time.

Results of the administered vitamin therapy

What was the the result after this simple to use and very inexpensive treatment of autistic events after the first acceptance (method that every novice neurologist should well know)? The result was a great surprise for the mother but quite predictable for me:

Day one:

After the first acceptance within 40 minutes the child transformed into a quiet sweetheart that looks gently without outbursts of nervousness and events from the autistic spectrum. She fell asleep and experienced a deep and restful sleep! The sleep was not only peaceful but has passed without the traditional seizures. While she was awake she has played quietly and even reacted and communicated with the mother. Something unseen for the last 11 months since the poisonous vaccine transformed the child into autist with all the terrible emotional and physical consequences (mothers of autistic children know very well and painfully what I mean).

Day two:

Intestinal cleansing, end of constipation, significantly improved peristalsis and reduced diurnal abdominal pain. That in the weeks and months ahead leaded to tremendous progress in the absorption of the substances input with food such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins because for their absorption is needed hydrochloric acid and children with autism (to be read "having impaired parenchymal and organ innervation") suffer from achlorhydria (decreased secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach) which is the reason for the underutilisation of B12 due to the inability of the body to effect proteolysis (degradation of proteins) and respectively B12 (taken with meals) cannot get away from the protein molecules to which it is fastened. Achlorhydria and the damage to the gastric mucosa lead to inhibited (decreased) secretion of "intrinsic factor" which serves to protect and transfer B12 from the stomach to the ileum where this vitamin is absorbed which in turn raises another physiological obstacle in front of the vitamin in his way to child's body due to the injuries caused by mercury in vaccines.

Day three:

The dose of vitamin B12 is increased double i.e. it is already given in two doses by 100 micrograms in the morning and at the evening and vitamin C is given at noon because the sedative effect of vitamin B12 on the nervous system is exhausted before the end of the day when the child returns to its previous autistic behaviour.

Day four:

On the fourth day of the intake of vitamins B9, B12 and C the mother called me crying with happiness because the child began to speak again repeating syllables and short words like "mama" and similar and performs simple commands which is a sign that she understands what she was told. Before placing the polyvalent vaccine she has developed neuropsychiatric normally and in accordance with her age. After the immunization with the polyvalent vaccine Pentax she stopped talking and responding to the words of her parents.

Day five:

On the fifth evening the dose that the body of the child requires was more precisely defined in order to be avoided the "gaps of autistic events" between morning and evening intake of Vitamin B12 in which apparently the body has spent already the total available quantity of the morning acceptance of 100 micrograms beginning to experience yet another deficiency condition. This is total of 300 micrograms per day at that time. In acceptance of vitamin B12 in the morning at 9:00 the so-called "gap" appears in the evening between 19:00 and 20:00. Then the child returns to its usual irritable autistic behaviour. That evening at 20:00 for a visiting round came to see the little patient a doctor which is a family friend who is a prominent neurologist, a former professor in neurology at the Medical University and a former doctor of emergency medicine! The mother told him that his unknown "colleague" (i.e. myself) does wonders with her child already five days and he decided to drop by and convince himself of the results. The doctor saw the ongoing autistic behaviour which appear in the evening (the so called "autistic window"). At the same time the mother before his eyes gave her child the next 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 and only after 40 minutes (just as the first intake on the first day) the little girl began to glow as sunshine, calmed down and went to the doctor to play with him provided that 40 minutes earlier she did not even want to stay in the same room with him! The game continued five minutes! The doctor was very surprised by the result. Similar misunderstanding and indifference have shown 11 months in a row (after the performance of the debilitating immunization and before the therapy proposed by me) all so called "Doctors" who have stated all sorts of ridiculous diagnoses and prescribed insane medicines and therapies instead of giving the precious vitamins B9, B12 and C. The most important thing to remember so far on dosing of vitamin B12 is that it should be increased to an amount that does not allow the emergence of "autistic window". This would be considered the minimum daily dose to cover the physiological needs of a child with autism. The doctor asked how to know when the child has reached the desired dosage? The answer is clear. Firstly - have in mind that the treatment of an autistic child poisoned by the mercury in vaccines and the resumption of the damage to its neurological system will take years! It must be clear. No one should expect that the intake of vitamins B9, B12 and C pursuant to this scheme will last a week or two. The dose can be reduced in a month, two or even three but a sustaining dose should be used for life. Regarding saturation of the body with vitamin B12 - it can be gauged by dropping over time of all manifestations of autism in relation to the everyday behaviour of the child. Secondly - the lab tests on the saturation of the organism with vitamin B12 (the active part - holotranscobalamin) should be carried out in a diagnostic laboratory from a blood sample and along with it must be checked the level of homocysteine. This must be carried out not earlier than 10 days after stopping the intake of vitamins B9 and B12 (in order lab tests to be done) because the results thereof will not be correct. If the level of vitamin B12 has not reached the maximum of current reference values of 125-165 pmol/l (according to different medical sources) and for vitamin B9 (folic acid) of 10 ng/ml (20 nmol/l) then the child and any other person in this world will be threatened by advancing autism or other neurological problem in the old age such as - multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Crohn's disease, dementia, schizophrenia, nervous disorders, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and many other so called by doctors "diseases" that actually are nothing more than a state of lack of vitamins B9 and B12! Easy, inexpensive and absolutely safe is to try this recipe for health with the intake of these vitamins. I'm sure you know at least one person around you who suffers from these so called by doctors "diseases" of the central and autonomic nervous systems!

Day six:

The progress on the sixth day is the following - the girl not only continues to understand what she is talked to and also takes actions consistent with the current conversation. The specific event concerns the grandmother of the child when she wanted to go to the toilet as at this point the girl went to accompany her because she did not know where her grandmother would go. The mother of the girl turns to her and says: "No dear, Grandma goes to the toilet, come back." As a result, the reaction of the child is as follows - she went to the toilet, opened its door awaiting her grandmother to enter therein then closed the door behind her and returned to her mother. The comment of the mother summarizing the progress in communication with her child is that it already looks and understand fully and completely the surroundings from the very awakening and remains so until the end of the day followed by a peaceful and deep sleep. The specific words of the mother are: "The empty gaze of the child is gone and she looks at me with full understanding."

Day seven:

On that day the little patient is scheduled to be visited by her psychologist. During the previous visit to his office which was at the third day of intake of vitamins B9, B12 and C the psychologist noted that unlike the previous 11 months the child shows signs of communication and this time on the seventh day of the treatment of Autism with vitamins he remained surprised by the progress in girl’s behaviour for just one week. He reported to the mother that during the current session the little girls has begun not only to cuddle him instead of not paying him any attention until now but she has begun to lift objects and to submit them to him, to assemble a puzzle and to rotates in the right direction the head of Mickey-Mouse being angry at the psychologist that puts it wrong way which was one of the usual exercises for alertness.

Day twelve:

Before developing autistic symptoms as a result of immunization the child has had problems with the gastrointestinal tract consisting in worsen digestion and absorption of ingested food. This was evidenced by its excrements into which there was undigested food that has passed through the entire tract in the form into which it has been swollen. This process of non-utilization of food leads to decay and accordingly the formation of intestinal gas which naturally causes discomfort and pain to the child. The mother gave her drugs to improve digestion and antibiotics at the recommendation of charlatans with a doctoral degree from the near by university hospital. Yet gave her a number of preparations to clear parasites and persuasion to perform the pseudo (i.e. false, fictitious) procedure - bio-resonance. Naturally of all these preparations there was no positive effect even on the contrary some of them have caused allergic rashes and more severe pain. After starting the intake of vitamin B12 at my request the mother terminated giving these so called "medicines" and after a week noticed a change in her child's stool - these become more homogeneous and the quantity of unprocessed food decreased therein. The effect of vitamin B12 on the work of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced to good or impaired action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine on its innervation (set of nerves serving a given tissue or organ). In short without vitamin B12 secretion of stomach juices is not performed and gastric and intestinal peristalsis is not carried out properly. The reason for the gastrointestinal pain of the child is precisely the persisting vitamin deficiency. In connection with the narrative until now at my request on the ninth day of treatment the child began to take vitamin B6. This vitamin is needed for conversion of the proteins contained in the food of plant and animal origin into proteins which the organism can assimilate i.e. to pass through the intestinal wall into the blood for performance of further metabolism (conversion) into human proteins as well as for the conversion of carbohydrates in a form that can be stored in the body and used in necessity of energy. Vitamin B6 is required for the production of many proteins such as hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes. The dose by which the child began its daily intake is ¼ of tablet of 25 mg of vitamin B6 (i.e. about 6 mg). The intake of vitamin B6 is carried out several hours before or after taking vitamins B9 and B12 as vitamin B6 negatively affects the complete absorption of vitamins B9 and B12. Only this vitamin of all water-soluble vitamins is likely to be overdosed therefore the daily dose should be carefully adjusted in respect to the age of the patient (for adults it should be not more than 50 mg daily). The effect of the addition of B6 for the girl expressed itself firstly in a change in stools' consistency as it become absolutely homogeneous without a trace of undigested food and naturally along with that disappeared also the formation of excess intestinal gases which caused suffering of the child. The second very important effect was the impact on speech. The girl started to form and "speak" with complete sentences as in most cases of course these are difficult for understanding due to the baby talk.

Day fourteen:

As it became clear the sequence of dosing of vitamin B12 is as follows - in the morning immediately after awakening should be given together with the food the first dose of vitamin B12 (100 micrograms) and of vitamin B9 (200 micrograms). Up to 40 minutes later comes complete calm within the child whether or not there was an autistic attack before the intake which over time disappears as a phenomenon even after the night's sleep. Should be awaited now for the next depletion of vitamin B12 in the body of the child which is manifested by the appearance of autistic behaviour and at that point you must give the next dose of 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 (this time without vitamin B9). However, due to lack of the occurrence of "Autistic window" on the fourteenth day (today) the daily dose was reduced from 3 x 100 micrograms to 2 x 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 while maintaining the same amount of the other vitamins. This fact alone shows that the body and especially the liver which is a depot for vitamin B12 at the second week of the treatment began to saturate with vitamin B12 which comes as a response to the question of the neurologist placed in the text above thus the need for third administration of vitamin B12 for the day ceases.

Day eighteen:

Today for the first time it was not necessary to be given a second dose of 100 micrograms of vitamin B12. With the single dose for the day that has been taken in the morning at 10 o'clock until the next morning at 10 o'clock no autistic behaviour has been observed. The regulation of the physiologically required amount of the vitamin in the blood serum is already controlled both by the oral intake and by the gradually filling depots of vitamin B12 in the liver. The child is still peaceful, focused, sociable and communicates with all friends and visitors, also sings.

Day fifty:

The child feels even more peaceful, more focused, more understanding, communicating with everyone. Not observed any autistic behaviour. Daily supporting dosage of vitamin B12 - 100 micrograms.

Advices in the implementation of this treatment and facts that you do need to know in general about it:

1. At the beginning of taking vitamin B12 in some people especially the elderly having Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) the heart rate decreases, sometimes pathologically. In others similar effect is not observed for a long time, even for months. So I recommended the mother of the 2 years old girl to buy a cheap stethoscope from the pharmacy and within the time of acceptance of the first seven doses (one intake of vitamins B9 and B12 per day) to measure at least 4-5 times the pulse of the child by auscultating its chest in order to observe the vitamins’ effect on its cardiac activity which in turn is a guide for the adjustment (up or down) of the daily intake of vitamins B9 and B12. By the seventh day there was no change in heart rate and its values corresponded to the normal values for this age i.e. being from 110 to 120 beats per minute.

2. Taking vitamin C is required because mercury every second causes blocking of the appropriate and needed access of vitamin B12 to the bone marrow and central brain and in particular to neurons where it is used for building their myelin sheaths. Mercury prevents this vitamin from passing the hemato encephalic barrier (blood-brain barrier) which is carried out by capillaries in the brain thus by non-utilization of vitamin B12 hematopoiesis (blood formation) is disturbed and respectively the production of white and red blood cells by the bone marrow is reduced. The absence of white and red blood cells leads immediately to a spectacular suppression of the immune system and children (also people of any age) become immediately susceptible to infections of all kinds. Here is the role of the antioxidant vitamin C which serves to compensate for the damage to the immune system. Vitamin C is also the most powerful physiological preparation in the absorption of iron in the jejunum (the upper part of the small intestine) helping to be overcome the oxygen deficit caused by the impaired erythropoiesis (the process of creation of red blood cells by the bone marrow).

3. Many doctors and also ignorant pharmacists in pharmacies will lie or deceive you out of their own ignorance that the intake of vitamin B12 is toxic. This is nonsense because in the biochemistry textbooks for medical universities is stated explicitly that an overdose of vitamin B12 of even a thousandfold above the normal daily intake of 1 to 5 micrograms which is equal to 5,000 micrograms does not lead to and has never caused intoxication i.e. the dose of 100 micrograms which I prescribed to be given to the suffering girl from a therapeutic point of view is harmless as this principle applies to any water-soluble vitamin. The same applies for vitamin B9 and vitamin C at the indicated doses herein.

4. Due to the relaxation of mind and improvement of the nervous system the child will begin to sleep more oftenly, longer than before and will be more calm but note that this is normal because for months every autistic child suffers from abnormal sleep and now the nervous system compensates this lack because sleep recovers in the best way the nerves and their myelin sheaths and as the folk wisdom says: "Sleep is a medicine". For your peace of mind, observe the child and if it does not slow its heart rate (measure it), if its breathing is calm and even then you should know that its sleep is healthy and the effects of this will impress you from now on.

5. I explained to the mother the pathological link between the impaired operation of the heart and the deficit of vitamin B12 in the body and what is the relationship with the autistic girl? When the mother heard this short story she exclaimed and confirmed that after vaccination gradually over the months the child has begun to develop increasingly more and more often irregular heartbeat and had respiratory problems that she has observed during the sleep of the child in which it had bradypnea (slow breathing) and apnea (cessation of breathing). After taking vitamin B12 those problems abruptly stopped and no longer occurred.

6. Lastly but actually on the first place I should put the fact that this treatment would not have so significant effect if the autistic child (and people with the above-described other neurological diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins B9 and B12) was not drinking enough mineral water (for everyday use) in the specified in this book physiological quantities because dry mucosa of the stomach prevents secretion of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and "intrinsic factor" and as you already know from the above narrative this is crucially important for the absorption of vitamin B12.
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