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What does PET scanner mean? PET is the abbreviated name for Positron Emission Tomography. Is it harmful? Yes, it is terribly harmful. Why?

The PET scanner generates emission of positrons by which it irradiates you. Actually the PET scanner is two things in one - machine generating positrons by isotopes of radioactive elements and a device for directing them to the irradiated (examined) body where the positrons meet with other radioactive elements previously introduced into the body. The first part of the process is realized in the following physical sequence - the protons in the nucleus of the atom are converted into neutrons as neutrons emit mass with a positive charge to the atomic shell which is called a positron (positively charged electron) and the latter immediately seeks to balance electrically as this is done by its encounter with the "ordinary" electron in the shell of the atom. They mutually annihilate and form high-energy photons called gamma rays. In this transformation a mass (matter) is lost!

Why do I go into details about the physical nature of the process? I do it because very essential to health is the fact that in the process is lost a mass (matter) i.e. there is destruction of tissues, cells and DNA! In other words positrons by which our cells are irradiated in the PET scanner destroy the body at an atomic level causing radiation in ourselves and destroying the cell's DNA! This leads to cancer.

Subjecting yourself to this procedure should be performed only as a last resort if all other methods of diagnostic imaging have exhausted their meaning. Naturally the doctors will convince you that radiation exposure is small but in this case we are not talking that much about radiation exposure as for the mechanical damages caused to cells that fragment our DNA. Exactly this is terribly dangerous!

The PET scanner could contain in its structure also CT (Computed Tomography Scanner) and the total irradiation - annihilation + radioactive x-ray radiation leads certainly to the development of malignant tumors. Apart from this in order the examination to be performed it is necessary the patient who will be examined to be intravenously injected a dose of deoxyglucose labelled with radioactive fluorine. It accumulates in areas with enhanced metabolism of sugars because cancerous tumors consume 18 times more glucose than healthy cells and thus in the process of irradiation at the PET scanner are detected the locations of the tumors but the paradox is that exactly these areas are irradiated with positrons which in turn cause the tumors to become even more lethal. No need to mention about the overlaid radiation exposure from computed tomography performed simultaneously which also kills healthy and diseased cells. If along with PET is done also CT you will need to drink additional amount of deadly chemicals so that the tumor could be "seen" after irradiation. I wrote about this in details in paragraph "Computed Tomography". Do not be fooled by the insolence and illiteracy of the doctors if they convince you to undergo PET/CT scanner just like that, for nothing. This will kill you for sure.

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