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My mother suffered from diabetes for more than 10 years. A few years ago she called her general practitioner for an examination in order to express an opinion and prescribe treatment for the already becoming constant burning pain in the foot sole from which diabetics suffer caused by one of its complications called polyneuropathy - damage to the foot nerves which at an advanced stage can lead to the development of varicose sores and leg amputation!

The doctor's examination did not help at all for improvement of my mother's condition and things remained unchanged. The GP said in wishful thinking manner "Well, the situation will stay like this from now on!" Soon after that moment I began to read medicine because I knew that doctors worldwide become less in number and stunningly illiterate and I anxiously wanted to help my family in times of distress. So in the process of my self-education on medicine I came across an interesting but very simple from a medical standpoint fact that vitamin B12 significantly improves the nerve conduction i.e. if you have a broken or traumatized arm and the adjacent nerve is affected the first thing that should be prescribed for early recovery of the nerve are vitamins B9 and B12.

Then it occurred to me that maybe the problem with my mother’s polyneuropathy will be affected very well by acceptance of vitamins B9 and B12. We made laboratory tests of my mother on her levels of B9 and B12 and it was found that blood plasma levels of both vitamins in her body are critically low, well below the lower physiological limit. We called immediately (and it turned out to be for the last time) our general practitioner again for a consult with respect to the low B9 and B12 levels and after reviewing the results he concluded only that there was nothing scary about them and my mother would catch up this deficiency of vitamins with the food intake! Horror! I did not want to hear any more and immediately started to look for proper ways so that my mother could begin to accept as soon as possible B9 and B12. In my explanation on the deficiency of B9 and B12 in paragraph "Vitamins Deficiency" I have given more clarifications on the manner and the peculiarities of taking these vitamins so I'll skip the explanations and go to the moment when after several months of acceptance of vitamins B9 and B12 happened "a miracle!" - the burning feeling caused by the polyneuropathy on the foot soles after nearly 10 years began to fade and finally there wasn't even a memory of it! ... and so to this day, 3 years already.

The conclusion is: read if you want to be healthy, if you want to avoid the hanging in front of doctors' offices where you shall be humiliated and tossed around like an unnecessary rag.

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