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An interesting fact is that in low-calorie nutrition and subsequent arrest of growth and the increase in lifespan, is significantly suppressed the hormonal secretion of the thyroid gland.

The cells have the ability to remove chemical and radiation damages caused to DNA. In old cells, however, the activity of enzymes that repair (correct) DNA is lowered. A circumstance which supports the accumulation of damages ("errors") in the genetic apparatus. As we get older the activity of some enzymes for DNA repair may increase. Modern gerontology much relies on the synthesis of such "reparation" formations for the administration into the body of their co-ferments to extend the duration of life. This circumstance gives grounds to many scientists to agree that the key to the intimate mechanisms of aging at the cellular level will be found in DNA. In certain cases it inhibits the development of tumors, corrects upset metabolic processes and protects the genetic apparatus of radiation damage.

Study shows higher life expectancy in persons of positive Rh factor. Life in the sun, fresh air and clean water as well as optimal employment rights have been touted as factors directly related to his health. As much as people remain faithful to nature and its laws the more they live. It is recommended the familiar golden rule - moderation in all things. Interesting is the fact that over 90% of the centenarians were born in the age of their parents being up to 25 years old, i.e. before the start of distinguished aging processes at organism level. The mothers of centenarians in 92.7% of cases were first children in the family and fathers in more than 71%.

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