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Salt (sodium chloride) is vital because it extracts and discards acids. Upon penetration of sodium into the cell thereof comes out a hydrogen ion (H+ - acidifies environment and reduces its pH) then potassium enters the cell and sodium is coming out. This way the salt adjusts the acidity in the cell and thus the body is alkalized for salt extracts hydrogen ions they are transported to the kidneys and removed from us in the presence of enough water in the body. Salt is an essential factor in the regulation of blood sugar. The salt prevents runny nose and inflammation of the nasal mucosa because it is a powerful natural antihistamine. It prevents muscle cramps. Bone structure and density are dependent of the salt because 27% of the stock of salt in the body is present in crystalline form in the composition of the bones (in the medullary canal). Diet which is based on a low salt content leads to osteoporosis and not the calcium deficiency. When you do not drink enough water and do not take enough salt you not only stop absorbing calcium but also dispose of calcium from your body. Nerve cell communication depends on the salt. The absorption of nutrients in the small intestine depends on 100% of the sodium-potassium ion activity. Asthma and cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) are conditions that are alleviated at the intake of salt and water. You've all seen old people whose bladder does not hold urine well. The lack of control over its function is a problem related to functioning of smooth muscles and the shortage of salt in the body. You need salt to improve the work of smooth muscles as without salt it loses its functionality.

Our body has a vital need of iodine. Furthermore it is crucial for the functioning of the thyroid gland as the iodine is the strongest antibacterial agent into the body. In the presence of iodine microbes are killed instantaneously. Do not drink iodine bought from the pharmacy either directly or indirectly in any quantities because it will kill you. In the body it is added by intake of sea salt or through inhalation of the morning sea vapours which are rich in iodine. The healthiest combination of table salt and the one used for cooking is the mix of 50% iodized salt and 50% Himalayan salt. The second has a particularly rich mineral composition containing about 70 different minerals. This mix is less salty so it is necessary to add a little bit larger amounts of it than usual in comparison with the case using only sea or table salt.

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