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Stress is a major factor in lowering the resistance of the immune system of the body. Stress could kill you especially if you are psychologically labile. It affects cardiac activity through the so called stress hormones - adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. In severe stress (e.g. fear or embarrassment) one can develop cancer. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary emotions and think with your head this way avoiding stressful situations which in an urban environment abound on every corner. Take the challenges of the day with equanimity. In over 95% of cases our fears do not come true and are just a reason for unnecessary concern.

What is the exact mechanism of stress and the resulting pathologies? The stress as a negative emotion causes vasoconstriction (vasospasm, vascular contraction) thanks to the adrenaline and noradrenaline which are secreted by the adrenal glands and are carried by means of blood platelets thereby achieving a reduction of the lumen (cross section) of the blood vessels and increase dramatically the rate of occurrence of vascular events - a heart attack or stroke due to the increased blood pressure therein or because larger platelet aggregants (thrombi) cannot pass through this reduced cross section. The same mechanism is effective when we experience strong positive emotion of joy because platelets carry also the hormone of happiness - serotonin which is also a vasoconstrictor. Furthermore, the increase of adrenaline in the blood plasma, stops the Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) dependent process of antibodies production. As I have explained already in details in this book ATP is the "fuel" that mitochondria in the cell produce for us and is needed in 99% of all metabolic processes in the body while antibodies are the weapon by which the immune system resists to foreign antigens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parts of non-self proteins, dead cells, damaged cells, poisons, etc.). Nature has created this mechanism since the time when we were non-socialized animals in order to protect us from excessive bleeding in case we are hurt in a battle with another beast. The Inhibited (decreased) production of antibodies in this case is understandable because at this point the immune system will not protect us. At that moment we need perfectly working muscles which will use absolutely all available quantities of ATP in our body in order to obtain strength and get us out of this critical situation - by biting, scratching or even running.

That is why strong positive and negative emotions and stress affect not only the cardiovascular system and also reduce the immunity. When someone is sick the best medicine for him is to stay calm and have faith in the internal powers of the body to deal with the problem through an appropriate assistance from our side of course. The habit of saying "I will go to work, I'll be fine somehow" is unreasonable alternative. This may work several times but eventually leads to irreparable consequences.
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