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In the textbooks for Medical Universities are never mentioned and learned three things - the great importance of water, food and the discoveries of two iconic figures in medicine - the Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg and the biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs. Their discoveries are carefully hidden from both medical students and the general public for nearly 100 years since they are focusing in the treatment of people on the water, the food and the healthy lifestyle rather than doctors, medicines and hospitals.

In the text above at various locations I explain a number of diseases with the absence of reception of enough water, vitamins or incorrect selection of food from the point of view of its quantitative and qualitative content of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, micro and macroelements. All diseases begin with hypoxia, hypoxia causes acidosis and acidosis leads to cancer or other serious metabolic disorders and countless diseases. If people drink enough water, eat properly and move enough they will live to a ripe old age because they will avoid the state of hypoxia. Thus however doctors will stand around and in order to defend themselves in the name of "humanity" of their profession they will never (in any way) prescribe you the intake of proper food and enough water because they will gain absolutely nothing from this and on the contrary will prescribe you drugs persuading you to take them for a lifetime. Remember! All drugs without exception damage health regardless of their temporary effect on any of the symptoms of the disease because they cause acidosis.

Remember another thing!

Any food is a medicine better than any drug! That's what Dr. Warburg and Dr. Ernst Krebs had tried to say for the next generations but the medical machine for money cannot tolerate such "arrogance" on their part. But what exactly have these two scientists discovered?

Otto Warburg Ernst Krebs

Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 received the Nobel Prize for describing the metabolism of cancer and the related thereto features of cellular respiration. He discovered that cancer cells obtain their energy anaerobically (without the need of oxygen) and the healthy one on the contrary - in aerobic way (demanding constantly oxygen). Tumors die when being placed in an oxygen-rich environment which is characteristic for healthy cells in the body. His discovery describes the importance of acid-base balance in terms of saturation of the tissues with oxygen namely that tissues poor of oxygen develop cancer. Reduce the supply of oxygen to any cell in the body by 33% and within 48 hours it will become cancerous! Please note - only 48 hours! To be richly supplied of oxygen the cells of all living beings need to be slightly alkaline as well as the environment itself (the blood) which procures them the nutrients. Cells in the human body have a constant need to maintain pH in the range 7,35 - 7,45. Deviation from these values are incompatible with life.

In order to maintain this delicate balance, if necessary, the body uses every tissue in the body so as to extract the needed elements and keep with them mild alkalinity in the cell. I will give an example: If you do not take enough foods containing calcium shall be disturbed the ionic exchange in the body, the cellular pH will decline and so as to recover it again the body immediately begins to extract calcium from the bones causing osteoporosis. For example, if you are not getting enough food containing magnesium the vast majority of enzyme complexes and coenzymes in the body will not be able to do their job.

The main idea of the explanation until now is to make you understand that the cure of a disease can only be achieved by filling the gaps in your diet and good hydration. Being stuffed with medicines is counterproductive because with them you do not obtain the missing nutrients. The doctor deliberately deviates the problem directing your attention towards pharmaceutical blurring of the effects of the disease rather than the elimination of the root cause. Every medicament causes the body to develop drug dependency by distorting metabolism thus it falls into a more profound deficiency of nutrients for the cell. To justify this insolence, medicine invented the adjective "chronic" by putting it before the word diseases i.e. diseases which will be with you for the rest of your life. Frankly you have to admit that to this state have led you two people - the first one is you because you do not live wisely - smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, overdo with food, do not move enough, do not drink water and the other person is the extremely authoritative, knowledgeable and respected by you "humane" doctor - whoever he is.

In 1970 Dr. Otto Warburg also discovered a method for treating cancer using calcium intake. Do you remember about the longevity of Bulgarians? It is due to the yogurt but not limited only to the effects of the bacteria lactobacillus bulgaricus contained in it and to the richest food source of calcium - the milk.

In 1952 the biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs extracts in laboratory conditions for the first time an extract of the the substance amygdalin using as a source apricot kernels. He called this substance Laetrile but because its properties fully meet the necessary qualities to be attributed to water-soluble vitamins he gave him the name Vitamin B17. The biochemical explanation of the discovery of Dr. Ernst Krebs is presented in chapter "Diseases, drugs and treatment", paragraph "Vitamin deficiency".

This is the place to draw your attention to the fact that representatives of the government and the "human" medicine in the United States subjected to persecution and imprisonment all doctors who have tried to apply the anti-cancer drug Laetrile made by Dr. Ernst Krebs in the period 1952 - 1973. Throughout the official websites on the Internet you could read that Laetrile is poisonous because Vitamin B17 as it contains cyanide which is a shameless lie for the ignorant and the illiterate. Why no one questions the content of cyanide in the ordinary ampoules with Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin - the pharmaceutical form of the natural methylcobalamin) which are sold in every pharmacy in the world? They contain 20 times greater amount of cyanide! The fact is that these do not cure cancer and this way do not threaten the marauders of oncological and pharmaceutical industry!

In apricot kernels is stored the greatest amount of B17. Do you remember when we were children how we ate handfuls of these nuts and except that there was no one poisoned yet we were strong and healthy. The existence of an anticancer drug by nature is not advantageous for the "health mincer" called modern medicine. Ask any oncologist if he could explain the principle of action of any of the chemotherapeutic agents by which cancer patients are killed faster. He shall start to lie because otherwise he must tell you that these poisons kill both sick and healthy cells. Most doctors are criminals and the rest are their characterless accomplices in the same crime called - treatment. They do not have dignity to serve you the truth for fear that they will lose their jobs if they reveal their colleagues' fraud!

Therefore you will never hear on the television or radio, newspaper or by doctors that anticancer drug exists and that cancer prevention offered by Dr. Warburg concerning alkalinity of the food accepted by us and its treatment provided by Dr. Krebs are known from a long time ago.

Quotes from speeches by Ernst Krebs:

"If you have cancer, the most important single consideration is to get the maximum amount of vitamin B17 into your body in the shortest period of time. This is secondary to the medical skill involved in administering it, which is relatively minimal."

"The slight variations in extracting procedure cause many of the amygdalin (Vitamin B17, Laetrile) molecules to change to a form unknown to nature(:) isomers...There are ...purveyors who label their 'iso-amygdalin' products 'amygdalin' contrary to all of the recognized specs...For commercial or political purposes, they certainly cannot justify such a fallacy...This scientific heresy and commercial fraud...(is) tremendously reducing the effectiveness of amygdalin therapy. ...To mislabel iso-amygdalin as amygdalin is scientifically, medically, and morally indefensible."

"They were found guilty of continuing to promote the merits of Laetrile in cancer therapy in violation of terms of probation they had originally secured following their 1973 conviction."

"Five hours after presenting a ...lecture on cancer before an audience of about 400 in L.A., the windshield was shot out of my car on the road back to San Francisco. The next night the glass window in the tailgate (the back window) was shot out (300 miles removed from the first shooting)...The late Arthur T. Harris, MD, was threatened by two men with assassination if he continued to use Laetrile."

" … In the history of medicine and science, no chronic or metabolic disease has been cured by factors foreign to the diet, (or) to biological experience."

"The agent which cures prevents, and the agent that prevents cures."

"Chemotherapy and radiotherapy will make the ancient method of drilling holes in a patient's head to permit the escape of demons look relatively advanced .... Toxic chemotherapy is a hoax. The doctors who use it are guilty of pre-meditated murder and the use of cobalt and other methods of cancer treatment popular today effectively closes the door on cure."

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