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This must be made due to the reasons stated in the previous paragraph. Furthermore begin congestive processes in the body, appears edema caused by not discharged liquids and sequentially arise damage to all organs and systems of the chronic stasis.


The first option is always to restore their own valve of the patient. If this is impossible replacement is done with an artificial valve prosthesis - heart valve replacement. The artificial valve prostheses are two main types - mechanical and biological. They both have advantages and disadvantages. The effectiveness of the mechanical valves or otherwise said their service life is estimated to be more than 250 years. Previously each one is examined and verified on a test bench. The myths that after ten years prosthetic valves wear out and require their replacement is not true. There is something else that is considered a disadvantage of this type of prosthetic valves. Patients should take regularly medications to reduce the possibility of blood clotting (anticoagulants). It is incorrect to say that these drugs thin the blood. It is carried out the so-called anticoagulant therapy which helps to avoid the formation of blood clots because mechanical prosthetic valves are foreign bodies and around them are created conditions for the deposition of thrombi. Thrombus formation of the artificial valve prosthesis is beginning to emerge as a narrowing of the valve. In thrombus formation there are lots of cases when it is possible to happen rupture of a blood clot that goes through the circulatory system and can clog a blood vessel. It is the inconvenience of this type of prosthetic valves due to the daily use of anticoagulants there is a risk if the operated patient is injured to lose too much blood as medicines violate blood coagulation in order to be avoided the formation of thrombi.

Regarding the other type of artificial valves - the biological one. After their implantation into the heart of the surgical patient it is not necessary to conduct anticoagulant therapy because this kind of prosthetic valves have no mechanical structure. They are made of animal tissue that has been specially processed. Years ago their replacement was necessary every 10 years due to rapid degeneration and damage to their leaflets. Modern biological valves are considerably more durable.

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