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After finishing eating meals

After the meal do not go to walk or lie. Walking and digestion are incompatible actions in respect to the ANS - Autonomic Nervous System. Its two branches - sympathetic and parasympathetic are responsible for the inhibiting and catalysing functions of one and the same organs in the human body but at different times. To make it clear I will give an example. Peristalsis of the stomach and the movement of processed food in it to the pylorus and duodenum respectively is carried out by an innervation provided to the stomach by the vagal nerve which in turn is part of the parasympathetic branch of the ANS. In that case does not happen congestive activity and prerequisites for rotting of food in the stomach and it moves forward in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). When moving though (walking, running or otherwise) immediately precedence over this peristaltic reflex has the sympathetic branch of the ANS compulsorily in the direction of stopping the reflex i.e. the food stops moving in the GIT. I already mentioned what this leads to.

One particularly dangerous consequence in this respect occurs in the process of simultaneous eating and walking. Due to the above described mechanism while walking person does not feel satiety and at one moment he may overeat and cause himselves a huge trouble with unpredictable consequences.

Taking a nap or just lying on bed after meals also leads to mild or more severe functional disorders in both the stomach and heart. For example the induction of reflux - the return of stomach contents into the esophagus which taking into consideration the acidic character of the stomach environment is causing a burning sensation in the esophagus and damage to the upper part of the stomach wall near the cardia (stomach entrance). So do not move during and after meals for at least 30 minutes as the most properly is to sit in a chair and wait for physiological processes to take place in the most favorable way for you. after finishing having a meal

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