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Yoghurt and Milk

Yoghurt and Milk. Bulgarian yoghurt is the best and most natural probiotic in the world. It is a gift of nature and complements intestinal flora with the magical bacterium lactobacillus bulgaricus, which is used by Bulgarians for hundreds of years to achieve health. The famous Russian doctor Ilya Mechnikov described in a scientific publication dedicated to yogurt the phenomenon of Bulgarian longevity explaining it with this particular bacterium used to ferment the fresh milk. Yogurt is the richest source of calcium for the body needed by bones and a key element in tissue buffers regulating acid-base balance in the body - equally important to water-salt balance.

On the Bulgarian market there is a rich offering of different brands of yogurt but only few of those are of edible quality. How to orient yourself? It is not hard. First of all you can avoid purchasing manipulated with starch yogurt by testing it with iodine. Buy from a pharmacy and drip the yogurt with 10-15 drops. If yogurt contains starch then the iodine dyes it purple and if no starch is added the iodine reserves its pale brownish-yellow colour. The second test which is applied is to measure the time for which the yoghurt becomes sour at room temperature. I personally buy yogurt branded with the name "Kiselovo" and it always manages to sour for not more than 8-12 hours as it should be. In the remaining yoghurts tested by me souring is not observed regardless of their stay at room temperature. What does that tell us? Souring is caused by the bacterium because it grows best at room temperature. In the refrigerator its propagation virtually stops. Sour yogurt is a guarantee that it contains the healing bacterium lactobacillus bulgaricus. When yogurt gets sour make yourself a cake or banitsa (Banitsa in Bulgarian: "баница" is a traditional Bulgarian food in the börek family prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven) Third, after opening the can and scooping a few spoons of it there on the surface water should be exuded in a matter of 10-15 minutes if this does happen it means the yoghurt is fake. Do not eat cold yogurt as well as cold and hot foods in general. Our digestive system is adapted for intake of foods with body temperature.

Breast milk is the best milk as food for infants. Cow milk is unsuitable for them at least not until the first year. Also after the end of baby's first year the mix of yogurt with biscuit and honey is an excellent baby food which can be given using a bottle equipped with a pacifier. Honey and biscuit can cause an allergic reaction in some babies so watch out for similar events in the first intake. Rennet ferment - the enzyme that babies are born with disappears after their third year of development and this substance (the milk) is no longer beneficial to the body. Think over one indisputable fact. Which mammal in the wild is sucking its mother's milk after infancy? None. Even those who live unitedly in herds with their young as a family for a lifetime - lions, wolves, hyenas, herbivores. If something is unnatural for nature it is unnatural for humans. However, milk is a great addition to coffee because it takes the bitter taste.

The yogurt as they call it outside Bulgaria for example the brand Activia of Danone company, so loudly advertised on television and propagandizing to contain the faceless and ridiculous bacterium Bifidus Essensis does not have and will never have anything to do with the qualities of the healing Bulgarian yogurt. This is another market manipulation.yoghurt and milk

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