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Running. It burdens excessively the aortic arch and lactate is produced in insanely high amounts as explained above. The aortic arch is one of the most important and sensitive elements of the cardiovascular system. It acts as a dispenser of the blood circulation and its walls contain chemoreceptors that measure the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood and its pH, as well as baroreceptors for correction of blood pressure. When running the aorta is extremely loaded because from the left ventricle starts every new cycle of supplying the body with fresh arterial blood (enriched with oxygen from the lungs). The aorta is connected to the left cardiac ventricle and it experiences the greatest pressure of the systole (contraction of the heart muscle in order to pump blood) from the whole chain of blood vessels. When running blood pressure rises, the heart flow rate rises, the pulse rises, thus you're wearing out the aorta and your heart very quickly.

Most runners are waving the flag of a healthy lifestyle and think, being convinced in their rightness, that running is helpful but will I shall ask: Have you seen an animal to run for health? Such phenomenon does not exist. Animals run when being chased or they chase their food. Domestic dogs run around the meadows because they have a physiological need to spend a certain amount of energy which is impossible at home. But even they run only for a while. Well, what more natural proof than this one needs that running for "health" is an unnatural process?

Every cell, tissue and organ have their set physiological resource. It is determined by telomeres which are the so called protein "caps" at the ends of our chromosomes and it is represented by a precise and indispensable number of cell divisions which makes possible their reproduction without reaching the mutation of any one of their DNA molecules, of which by folding the chromosomes are constituted. After depletion of this natural mechanism of a finite number of chromosomal divisions the DNA within the cells mutate and gradually you die! When you run or exercise too hard you are wasting unnecessary neuro-psychic energy, you do not spare yourself and especially when it is a lasting habit (for months and years) you deplete at a cellular level your own chromosome resources determined by nature unreasonably fast!

And one more thing for the aorta. Nobody knows with what kind of blood vessels one is born (healthy or not) but their systematic hydraulic overloading leads to the development of an unpleasant medical condition called aneurysm of the aorta and in particular its dissection (it is valid for all other blood vessels). This is a state of swelling of the three-layer wall (adventitia, media, endothelium) of the aorta and its gradual "dissection". At one point the pressure of the heart becomes sufficient to overcome the damaged aortic wall and it breaks (dissects). Death comes within seconds thereafter. I ask all runners - do you need to put yourself in this situation?

One last thing about running - it causes conditions for extreme respiratory alkalosis, which pursuant to the natural physiology of humans compulsorily leads to compensatory metabolic acidosis. What does that mean? This means that even if the metabolism of your body is in perfect shape long distance running causes severe acidification of your organism. Unlike respiratory alkalosis, which is regulated at each inhalation, metabolic acidosis is overcome by the body slowly (within hours or even days). While the kidneys manage to compensate the accumulated hydrogen gradient you are in a state of acidosis. As I said above acidosis causes hypoxia and is a precancerous condition.

To stay healthy - walk, do not run!

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