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Hemorrhoids. The reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids are few. The most common of them are the lack of exercise, spicy foods and prolonged standing in a sitting position. As a result the blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and anus drain and with time their walls swell and expand (to form hemorrhoids). Upon defecation especially if the colon content is very hard (constipation) is obtained local rupture of these blood vessels which is visible by the fresh red threads of blood on the stool. If you see fresh blood on the stool do not go crazy and worry. In the vast majority of cases this is capillary blood from а raptured hemorrhoid. By itself bleeding will stop but as a preventive measure against infection of the site wash perfectly with a strong jet of cold (not icy) water so as to tighten the blood vessels and thus stop the bleeding.

If on your stools appear very dark stripes or even all poo is very black (like tar) then visit immediately a gastroenterologist. Even in this case remain calm because a large number of foods such as red beetroot stain faecal masses in a similar way.

The second reason for the presence of hemorrhoids are spicy foods and especially the systematic eating of too much of them. The third and most easily controlled reason is the poor personal hygiene. After defecation wash thoroughly the anus. This will protect you from a lot of suffering.

However in order to soothe swollen and painful hemorrhoids treat them with a decoction of the leaves of sumac (tetra). Exactly how the decoction is prepared and procedure is performed? The herb is sold in stores and pharmacies.

Method of preparation:
In a saucepan pour 1 liter of water. Take 5 tablespoons of tetra from the package and put them in the water. Warm up the liquid to boil and turn off the hot plate leaving the decoction to cool.

Method of application:
Decant and filter the decoction in a wide vessel from which you could easily paddle a handful. If the pan in which you boiled the tetra is fit for the purpose use it directly. Squat near the bathroom drain, place the container with the decoction near you and scoop with hand from it splashing the hemorrhoids until the liquid ends. While still splashing you will feel tightening in the application site and painful sensations will begin to disappear after the second procedure at the latest. Carry out this procedure three times a day. Continue at least 2-3 days to achieve full relief. Do not use a decoction which stayed more than 18 hours. Make a new one.

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