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High blood pressure

For high blood pressure and its treatment with the correct intake of water and salt I've written above in the book in section "Water - the best of diuretics", and here I shall only share a few more thoughts. Many people are afraid of the narrow blood pressure range but actually this condition indicates a healthy heart. Conversely - too spaced apart limits are pathological.

If you have high blood pressure go to bed and lie down. This is the first and fastest measure to reduce it. Before this drink 1.5 liters of water gradually within 15 minutes. Water is a diuretic and will lower blood pressure. For some people high blood pressure results in a feeling of heaviness in the neck while others however experience symptomless hypertension. Many people in their lives do not find any sense to measure blood pressure but did not really suspect that they suffer for many years of high blood pressure and at one point they are stricken by heart attack or stroke (brain attack) and die without even had expressed clinical symptoms. Such negligence is unjustified because these people could extend their lives significantly with a little forethought and understanding.

Temporary drug removal of blood pressure can be accomplished by intramuscular injection into the buttock of 1 ampoule chlophazolin of 150 micrograms/ml and solution for injections of 1 ml and 1 ampoule Degan of 2 ml/10 mg.

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