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Lowering high body temperature

The forced lowering of high body temperature in an emergency cases have to be done when the temperature passes 39 degrees Celsius. Dangerous life-threatening condition is reaching a temperature of 42 degrees. Never wait to reach this point. If you are unable to lower the temperature from 39 to at least 37,5 - 38 degrees within 30 minutes to 1 hour immediately call first aid paramedics.

Lowering of the high temperature can be accomplished in several ways. First one is the use of handkerchiefs and woollen socks soaked with a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda in a ratio of 1:1:1. Handkerchiefs are laid on the forehead and the socks are put on the feet and hands. Due to the high temperature and for other purely physical factors the mixture within the handkerchiefs and socks evaporates or soaks into the skin which results in lowering the temperature. The handkerchiefs and socks to be changed at most every five minutes with other freshly soaked ones.

The second way to lower the temperature is with medicaments. Use it only if the first way does not work and only if you cannot rely on emergency medical care.


-          Syringe of 5 ml/cc and a needle
-          Ampoule of Analgin - 2 ml, i.m.
-          Ampoule of Dexamethasone - 1 ml, i.m.
-          Ampoule of Vitamin С – 2 ml (200 mg)., i.m.

i.m. - means - for intramuscular administration. Suck the contents of the ampoule into the syringe and inject into the buttock (gluteus maximus). It is guaranteed that the temperature will start to drop.

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