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Stomach acids (heartburn)

Stomach acids. To help yourself in pain drink three glasses of water (250 ml) with a coffee-spoonful of baking soda. Stomach acids are formed due to severe dehydration of the mucosa (lining) of the stomach (because you drink not enough water) and also due to systematic excess eating of desserts and in particular such containing high content of chocolate, cocoa and sweeteners. Such is the case with croissants, waffles, chocolate candy bars, chocolates, ice cream.

Cigarettes are one of the main factors for the formation of acids due to its damaging effect in the stomach lining, see detailed explanation in chapter "Bad habits", paragraph "Smoking".

Essential role in the formation of acids play nervous tension and anxiety. Irregular eating too. Most easily and quickly the majority of people help themselves by taking antacids like Talcid which although providing immediate help in long terms act as poisons sold without prescription in pharmacies. Solution of the problem with the acids can be achieved by giving up forever of buying the above mentioned sugary junk. You are not a trash can, you are a human being. If you need to eat something sweet then prepare it yourself at home. Thus the chance of the formation of acids is reduced to zero.

Another group of products having an enormous role in the formation of stomach acids and esophageal reflux are the pre-packed so called UHT "fruit" juices into which however there is almost nothing natural. Homemade juices will never make you suffer of heartburn. From my experience I tell you that if you stop stuffing with sweets and juices from the local store you will never remember again for your heartburn.

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