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Fish and Fish Products

Fish and Fish Products. Fish is an excellent and useful food but my long-time business relationship with companies in Bulgaria which deliver fish and fishery products convinced me that this is yet another criminal contingent of swindlers that offer old fish which stayed for years in cold storages and sell it as fresh or frozen fish. Such fish have explosively high content of histamine which is a killer for allergic people. Each fish after being caught for only a few days even in a refrigerator builds-up a lot of this neurotransmitter and when it is absolutely fresh it has mainly histidine and very little histamine. If you want to cook a healthy meal for your family visit a lake and ask fishermen to sell you some fish.

To achieve long shelf life canned fish are processed with a multitude of harmful chemicals. Do not buy this junk if you want to stay healthy.

Fried fish in restaurants is another punishment for those with a big appetite and lack of hygiene and aesthetic habits. Here the problem is not only in the origin of the fish but also in its preparation. Repeated frying of fish and potatoes in the same oil again and again is harmful, dangerous and criminal practice. Oxides of fatty acids which are fried and fried dozens of times are a killer for gastric mucosa and indigestible by the body. They accumulate in it only in the form of an insoluble slag. Fry the fish and the potatoes yourself and dispose of the grease. Fried foods are generally unnatural food for each organism even using the oil once. Do animals eat fried food? Of course not. For example, if you feed your pet with fried foods after a week it will be seriously ill. The same applies to humans.

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