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Butter, sunflower and olive oil, lard, margarine

Butter, sunflower and olive oil, lard, margarine. Never ever use margarine! This is poison for the body. Its long-chain molecule requires tremendous energy to degrade in the body and is not well absorbed through the intestines and remains in them forming carcinogenic toxic slag. Do not use the disgusting olive oil - ever. Although all the magazines and newspapers repeat as parrots how wonderful the olive oil is its usefulness is actually like that of the red wine and the white bread - a well advertised and fabricated lie. The molecules of fatty acids in olive oil are longer than in other vegetable oils which makes them extremely difficult for digestion by the organism. This is a rancid product heavy and unnatural smell and taste that is suitable mainly for Greeks and Italians.

Use only cold-pressed (virgin) oil - made of sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, grape seed. A refined one - never. For the technological purposes of refining in each tonne of sunflower oil are added 10 liters of carcinogenic hydrocarbon derivative from the group of gasolines. This means that in such oil are present at least 0.1% carcinogenic substances. Taking into account the characteristic percentage by volume this amount seems small but from a biochemical viewpoint it is huge and poisons you irreversibly. Lard is good food, but use it not more than once or twice per week for spreading on a a slice of bread and once a month to make small homemade cookies or similar.

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