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Juices and Carbonated Drinks

Juices and Carbonated Drinks. In shops you can buy imitation of fruit juices stuffed with pulp (the dry mass of the fruit) of dubious origin and quality and with chemicals that ensure their infinite shelf life. The additives therein cause heartburn and corrode the lining of the stomach. Real juice you can get at home and in restaurants where fruits will be drained before you.

Do you know why Diet Coke is called dietary? Because it has 0 (zero) amount of sugar. This is written on the packaging. However, this is a trick to divert attention from the real evil! Look better in the small letters on the label. In this so "healthy" drink are contained strong carcinogenic flavours such as - aspartame, acesulfamе-ksaccharine, NutraSweet (Neotame). When marked with letters and numbers these are written with the already familiar "E-numbers" from 950 to 956. Well, yes - sugar is not contained but it is full of any other sort of poisons!

The coloured and in similarly harmful way sweetened liquids of type cheap carbonated drinks offered by local producers are the most disgusting pigwash ever. Our grandparents buy these with their last pennies to procure themselves a little joy in life because the class differentiation "requires" the wealthier to be poisoned with drinks packaged in more expensive packages and for our poor grandparents there is a cheaper packed poison with bubbles.

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