Bathing and health are interrelated. The temperature at which you should bathe must be at least 40°C as a long time ago it has been established that threshold temperature sensitivity of most microorganisms is up to 39°C. Moreover, at this temperature, the body is heated and in order to cool down it begins to perspire. Through sweat are extracted through the skin the accumulated toxins that are actually the metabolites of normal life activity (mostly breeding and feeding) of anaerobic and aerobic microbiological flora in our body - bacteria, fungi, viruses and more. They account for 1.2 to 3 kg of our total weight. As a whole 80% of the total weight of the biological mass on our planet is concentrated in microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses do not have their own digestive system therefore they produce exoenzymes (extracellular enzymes) which they secrete in our tissues and cells thus breaking them down into amino acids and toxic gases - such as CO2, nitrogen compounds, hydrogen sulphide and others. By the functions of their cell wall they suck thus obtained amino acids to build their own proteins, enzymes and the necessary for their propagation nucleotides for synthesis of RNA and DNA. The above-mentioned metabolic residues (waste) are toxic and accumulate in the body. The organ with the largest area in human body is the skin and as such is able to exude a larger amount of toxins notably by bathing which can be described as the most efficient prevention against infections. In bathing are removed about 90% of the microorganisms on the skin. The concerns voiced by some physicians that by detergents (soap, shampoo) which we use to bathe kill the usual for our skin microorganisms that create a natural defence against parasites are baseless and product of their lack of knowledge because the usual for our internal biocenosis microorganisms are restored to their normal amount for only 2 to 3 hours and the exogenous one (living on the skin) after a maximum of 8 hours. Do not overdo bathing however because the greasy and acidic surface layer natural for our skin really protects us from parasites. Bathing several times a day washes away much of this layer which prevents its timely recovery to physiologically proper amount.

If toxic products for which I explained above remain "closed" in us for a long time (more than 1 day) due to poor hygiene cause harmful effects by provoking our immune system with deterioration of its overall condition.

On the hot water. Do not overdo it because it burdens heart and blood vessels too. Many people practice contrast showers - by alternating hot and cold water in order to rehabilitate their immune system's resistance and against nervous tension. After one month of experience in taking contrast showers I found out that my back started to become stiff increasingly until the pain stayed chronic for at least six months even after I stopped this malicious practice. Abrupt changes of any kind are contraindicated for the body. The same applies to contrast showers.

During sweating after workouts or hard work on the surface of the body with the sweat on the skin come out also the waste metabolites of the performed in our body own metabolic reactions such as urea, salts and the like. Bathe in a timely manner because only five minutes after the sweating stops the skin starts to suck back these unnecessary substances for the body. Maintaining excellent hygiene is an excellent measure against allergies.
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