Our own immune system is the best and most effective weapon against pathologies. It is an universal "medicine" - from the common cold to the deadliest cancer. The increase of the immune system activity depends only on two factors - 90% of the diet and 10% of the physical movement.

Remember! It is not possible to improve your immune system before getting rid of absolutely all harmful habits to your health such as - stress, smoking, alcohol, coffee, cola and alike carbonated beverages including carbonated water, absolutely all store-bought desserts and all medicines including the fraudulence called homeopathy. These are factors that work against your immune system regardless of their brief but misleading "health effect". As proclaimed in a TV advertisement for just another product against stomach acids "... you say that you drink soda bicarbonate more than 20 years and it helps?" Yes, this is the effect of a coffee, for example, or a cigarette - "soothes" you just before making you irreversibly sick bit by bit. This is the case with the "medicines" for "treatment" of high blood pressure, etc. etc. Thus over the years you only assist your diseases rather than treating them and prevent your immune system to do its job because it fails to tackle with the damages inflicted every minute by yourself thereto so that it may have the time to deal with the usual diseases.

Why is the immune system perfect in its action unlike medicines? The answer concentrates in the word "selectivity." Unlike most drugs that act non-selectively the immune system is a precision instrument. What does that mean? The selectivity is a process in which the immune system through its two subsystems - the humoral (the system antigen-antibody) and the cellular (phagocytic activity, leukocytes, lymphocytes) immunity in a very complex but perfectly accurate manner is focusing its action on the disease. For example the fight against the microorganisms in the body can be conducted by means of broad-spectrum antibiotics but they destroy both "useful (our own)" and "foreign (harmful)" microorganisms and also sharply lower the immune system because they literally kill part of the leukocyte cells in the blood. Exactly the same applies to the chemotherapy in cancer "treatment". How does the immune system manage to deal with the disease in this case? Thanks to the immunoglobulins which are part of our own immune system the effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses is carried out strictly selective. How? The immunoglobulins are a set of antibodies that are classified by us in 6 groups. The same differentiate (recognize) the "good" from "bad" microorganisms (antigens) because they constitute a set of about 1,700,000 different types of antibodies that are prepared to counteract 1,700,000 types of antigens. This means that the body's immune system response will be directed against just one of all those 1,700,000 causatives of influenza, for example, instead of the totally destructive action of the antibiotic that will cripple our entire immune system just to treat only one antigen. Such is the action also of the pancreatic enzymes, bile and gastric juices and vitamins that are first helpers of the immune system and are a barrier to the spread of the antigens by altering the chemical composition and electrical potentials of cell membranes and serve for improvement of ion channels operation.

Yes it is true that when our immune system is ruined we reach in urgency for the antibiotic but just because our own suicidal and unnatural lifestyle has left us without a working immune system.

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