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In the beginning of diagnosing of any medical condition must be specified three things.

Firstly, enquire if the disease is not genetically determined. This is evidenced only by genetic testing and and not because any doctor decided to justify his incompetence and insolence saying such a thing. The so-called "family history of diseases" in most cases means stupidity and ignorance spread across all family members not knowing and not being interested how to live healthily also includes inherited bad eating habits and lack of exercise that cause the same "diseases" generation after generation. This has nothing to do with genetic predisposition and is one of the most convenient ways of physicians to manipulate you.

Secondly, it should be specified whether the disease has occurred due to undernutrition condition because of inadequate dietary intake of an amino acid, micro or macroelement, vitamin, fatty acid, etc. and thirdly, whether the pathology is not caused of non-utilization of the same by the body. When the root cause for the disease is determined according to these three classifications only then could be went ahead through the correct therapeutic pathway for overcoming the disease and in no other circumstance whatsoever.

What do doctors do? Instead of looking for the root cause they treat the consequences! Thus the "cure" never happens as this cannot be called treatment and health fraud which aims to bring the sick in permanent medical condition which they call "chronic" in order to be able to summon them in their offices week after week and so on like this for decades as that way they can prescribe more and more new "drugs" at every "examination".

To understand what I mean read paragraph "Water - the best of diuretics" above in the book where it is explained in physiological and biochemical way that the root cause of hypertension (for example) is actually a deficiency state of ... water! This is one of the most elementary medical conditions that the so called "doctors" pretend to be an "incurable disease". In fact hypertension is not a disease at all but a condition that can be overcome in its early stages by a simple intake of water and salt instead of introducing and becoming accustomed to diuretics, beta blockers, etc. which are highly destructive for the body!

Remember that any disease no matter which one represents a deficiency state of some kind whether acquired by birth (genetically) or in the course of human life! After finding out what lacks in your body you will find the root cause of the disease.

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