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Doctors (regardless of what generation) are highly illiterate people without logical mind. This is due to three major reasons:

- when applying in medical universities it is not needed to hold an exam in mathematics;
- in medical universities no one teaches the students to treat the root cause of the disease and to pharmaceutically mask the symptoms and complaints;
- doctors never refreshed for themselves the obtained once basic knowledge in biochemistry and physiology (fundamentals of medical science) during their medical practice and so forget everything they have learned at the university;

Since the system of medical education does not require by them to pass an examination in mathematics doctors are people who cannot do even simple logical connection between the biochemistry of the body and the objective condition of the patient. Doctors hate biochemistry since studentship which they studied in their second year of education. I have personal impressions of medical students who say they hate biochemistry and do not understand why it is learned and then one day being already doctors never occur to them to look for a solution in the textbooks of this greatest and fundamental medical discipline. Remember! Biochemistry is a mathematical description of the human body. This is the alphabet of health. A doctor who cannot explain neither to you nor to himself any disease state using the methods of biochemistry and still writes "authoritatively" recipes and "treatments" must be sent to jail! It's like an engineer who does not know the multiplication table. My GP (General Practitioner) loves to say: "In medicine the equation 2 + 2 = 4 is not always true but he himself admits that he has never understood math. Then how can he be sure that all his life his diagnoses have not been mistaken? The diagnoses have been wrong of course, grossly and unscrupulously wrong! The future medical students are applying in the university with exams in chemistry and biology by memorizing (not understanding) the learning material. However, this is useless for their future patients because the human body obeys only to the laws of nature which means that biological processes that occur in living organisms have first of all mathematical description as chemistry and biology are only their mere derivatives.

Do you know what doctors of anatomical pathology say? These are the people who make dissection of deceased people to establish the cause of death. They say that in 95% of cases the treatment assignment by their colleagues did not correspond to the disease from which people died!!! Why? It is simple! Contemporary medicine since the university teaches that it is "right" to prescribe "medications." The direction which lecturers induce into the thinking of the medical student regarding the health and sickness treatment could be generally described with the words commercialization, jiggery-pokery, business. Therefore doctors only seek ways and means of masking the symptoms and not for detection of the root cause of the disease which is in 100% of cases the absence in the body (deficiency state) of those vital ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, micro and macroelements for which I have spoken in the entire book. Namely their lack or insufficiency sickens the body! This explanation applies in full extent to all chronic and metabolic diseases (impaired metabolism leading to hypoxia) - for example cancer, diabetes, hypertension and yet thousands of others. None of these diseases cannot be and will never be possible to be cured by other means than by an appropriate diet and the specific functions of the body. These are not my words but the words of Dr. Ernst Krebs - the discoverer of Vitamin B17 - see paragraph "Two great scientists". Let's ask ourselves and also ask the doctors: Why in case of hypertension for example are prescribed medications and this is called treatment since patients all their life (many decades) take drugs but they never recover? Then what is the definition of "medical practice" and of the word "treatment"? The definition is the following - the doctors are most oftenly people who by "drugs" put you into a chronic disease state (constant in time) thus supporting the unlimited in time manifestation of the disease in order to fill corridors in front of their offices with patients for the purpose of their personal enrichment and ultimately to the benefit of the octopus called pharmaceutical industry. Their role has never been, is not and will never be the health of suffering people and money in their pocket.

An important clarification!

In the book I speak with dislike for the medical community and it is so but my searing hatred is only to those of its representatives and they are 99.9% of all who allow themselves to smear this otherwise most worthy among the professions - the profession of the doctor. Respect the doctor who wants to deliver you from the the causes of the disease and run away from charlatans who will send you at home with a whole bunch of drugs and will not tell what for they are giving it to you. Run away from "doctors" who do not ask you how you eat, how much water you drink, how much you sleep you have, what are your daily habits. A doctor who does not ask his patients what other medications they take in order to assess the adverse drug combinations is an incompetent criminal! The real doctor explains to his patients everything they need to know, answers patiently and carefully to their questions, using his authority and seriousness as the best placebo (imaginary medicine). A good doctor can cure 50% of the disease only with his presence! It is a wisdom as old as the world.

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