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Earth's magnetic field, which is the same across the surface of our planet is in the range of 20 to 60 μT. As I explained earlier in paragraph "Magnetic Resonance Imaging" any increase in the magnetic field strength over these values leads to the destruction of cell's DNA. The headphones used for listening to music have a field strength of 230 to 6500 μT i.e. dozens or even hundreds of times the healthy norm. If you do experiment with yourself for one month in which first you listen to music through headphones and then listen to music through loudspeakers that are distant from you at least half a meter and record whenever you experience backache you will find that headaches occur significantly more often in the first case. It could not be otherwise, because the strong magnetic fields are a scourge for the electric body i.e. the human body. All life processes are ionic processes and as you know from the textbooks on physics and chemistry the ions are atoms with a strong positive or negative potential and they are influenced by magnetic fields without exception like sunflowers follow the movement of the sun across the sky.

Magnetic exposure coming from and present around power lines, powerful loudspeakers, headphones for music, speakers of mobile phones and dozens of other devices is destructive for the physiological processes and cell mechanics.

Microwave ovens are a source of electromagnetic radiation but due to their shielded construction it remains closed inside the volume of the oven. They are not and have never been a source on ionizing radiation which is why food cooked in them is completely safe from any perspective. Assertions that microwave ovens are dangerous to health is a matter of ignorance and lack of awareness of basic physical laws which are studied by children in 10th grade.

Do you remember for the magnetic knee braces that with decades have been advertised by all televisions and presented by that old dried snot called Dr. Levine. I remember how many ignorant fools took the bait and bought this "miracle" of medicine. Now that you are aware of the harmful effects of magnetism on the body I'll leave you to answer yourself the question about the "usefulness" of this market manipulation!

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