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The term "cancer" which describes the general process of tumor formation in the body derives precisely from the breast cancer which is the first type of cancer ever found in medical practice. In breast the tumor forms around itself its own network of blood vessels (angiogenesis) that are curved in a shape that resembles a small crab ("karkinos" - Greek) with legs. From there comes the word carcinoma.

Huge role in the genesis of breast cancer has the dehydration. In dehydration the level of hormone prolactin are significantly increased (even outside the period of lactation) which is responsible for the synthesis of milk in women. Laboratory experiments on mice proved more than 40 years ago that namely the reduced intake of water and prolactin are one of the main causes for development of breast cancer.

Free mammographic examinations with X-rays which doctors purposefully convince you that are highly recommended are regularly organized in different cities and countries. This is actually a way to make you think that this procedure is extremely necessary and through it you could prevent yourself from breast cancer by regularly undergoing the powerful and highly radioactive X-ray exposure of the mammographer which is damaging your DNA colossally. On the contrary! Many women are paying a steep price against their health after such "free" examinations. When undergoing such exam (with no need) you receive unprecedented exposure to radiation as precisely because of it your chances of getting breast cancer increase by dozens of times. No matter if you believe it or not that someone is capable of such baseness on such a scale it means you're gullible person who lives in a world of illusions.

Not subjected yourself to X-ray mammographic examination unnecessarily. This is radiation exposure with deadly high intensity stronger than the exposure that you can get standing at a close distance to a nuclear explosion! Information on irradiation intensity can be found in paragraph "Computed Tomography". For the "health care" system you are more valuable with breast cancer than without it and that's why they invite you to be irradiated regularly! Preventive examinations can be carried out using ultrasonography which has no harmful effects on the body.

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