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The physical process Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) used in MRI scanners is described in all websites as absolutely harmless process. We cannot blame such illiteracy because the vast majority of websites are manipulated by the "concerned" community of physicians to publish outright lies and the rest are copying like parrots false statements. The bad thing is that they serve misleading information to people who are used to gain "knowledge" from the Internet instead of books and they fall into the trap of the hyper dangerous magnetic waves. The doctors in turn mostly due to lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of the physical nature of the phenomenon MRI convince patients that the MRI scanner is a completely safe device because it does not work with x-rays unlike the x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) scanner! What genuine and "killing" lie!

Specifically on the question about the harmfulness of MRI.
Firstly I will provide initial technical and medical laboratory research information on which my reasoning is based as I will describe hereinafter the literary sources so that everyone may check everything that I prove.

Baseline technical and laboratory information:
- magnetic field strength on the surface of our planet: 30 – 60 µТ (microtesla);
- strength of the magnetic fields generated by the MRI scanner ("tomos" from Greek - slice, "grafos" - write) i.e. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): 1.5 - 7 T (equals to 1,500,000 - 7,000,000 μT, which is 25,000 to 233,333 times higher magnetic intensity than the natural geomagnetic field of the Earth);
- type of the magnetic field in the MRI scanner: sinusoidal with a frequency of 60Hz;
- Omniscan - one of many contrast agents injected into the blood vessels of the patient and used in MRI for cranial and spinal imaging. Extract from the user manual: "Causes high risk of anaphylactic shock (suffocation) in consequence of severe allergic reaction, dangerous for people with allergies, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the central nervous system, kidney and liver damage. Ensure team for immediate emergency measures and tools for intubation in order to provide adequate respiratory resuscitation ". In its composition contains hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid!
- Medical laboratory research on the topic: "Cleavage of the DNA chain in the brain cells in rats induced by exposure to a magnetic field" included in chapter: - "Electromagnetic fields and free radicals", page A726a, source: PubMed Central is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH / NLM), researchers conducted the study: Henry Lai and Narendra P. Singh, a link to the survey: and the original text itself:

Beginning of the text:

In previous research, we found that rats acutely (2 hr) exposed to a 60-Hz sinusoidal magnetic field at intensities of 0.1-0.5 millitesla (mT) showed increases in DNA single- and double-strand breaks in their brain cells. Further research showed that these effects could be blocked by pre-treating the rats with the free radical scavengers melatonin and N-tert-butyl-alpha-phenylnitrone, suggesting the involvement of free radicals. In the present study, effects of magnetic field exposure on brain cell DNA in the rat were further investigated. Exposure to a 60-Hz magnetic field at 0.01 mT for 24 hr caused a significant increase in DNA single- and double-strand breaks. Prolonging the exposure to 48 hr caused a larger increase. This indicates that the effect is cumulative. These data further support a role of free radicals on the effects of magnetic fields. Acute magnetic field exposure (as that in the MRI scanners) increased apoptosis and necrosis of brain cells in the rat.
We hypothesize that exposure to a 60-Hz magnetic field initiates an iron-mediated process (e.g., the Fenton reaction) that increases free radical formation in brain cells, leading to DNA strand breaks and cell death. This hypothesis could have an important implication for the possible health effects associated with exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields in the public and occupational environments."

End of the text.

Analysis of the above information:
The MRI scanner works simultaneously with four magnetic fields - one stationary and the rest three of them move in the three physical axes x, y and z to assist in the formation of a three-dimensional image. The stationary magnetic field is the strongest of the four and it strength is in the range 1,5 - 7 T. The field is sinusoidal and it has a frequency of 60Hz exactly as stated in the study which text I have attached above. The usual examination with MRI scanner takes 10 - 30 minutes. Let's assume that during the examination we are subjected to this extremely strong magnetic field having intensity of 1.5 T for 10 minutes, let's consider now also the values for the exposure of the mice regarding their 2 hour exposure at 15 times weaker magnetic field and the fact that the exposure has a cumulative effect. Having made the mathematical transformations for the 2 hour interval for the mice compared to 15,000 fold stronger field used in the examination of humans and taking account of the cumulative effect by the calculations turns out that from the very first second (which is 120 minutes divided by 15,000 times stronger magnetic field) in the MRI scanner any person would reach the pathological condition in which damage occurs to the helices of the DNA into brain cells. Given that the brain is conditionally speaking "protected" from the skull to some extent by the electromagnetic field then the remaining cells, tissues and organs in the body will be subjected to a stronger impact in the field i.e. for even a shorter time will begin to occur processes of DNA mutation, rupture and cell death.

MRI scanner is just as damaging as the x-ray computed tomography scanner. It causes destruction of the cellular DNA which is a prerequisite for the development of cancer.

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