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In injury to the arm or leg very oftenly long after the incident remains pain in the limb in motion or at rest. This is due to the trauma caused to any of the nerves. Healing process thereto is very slow and sometimes it takes months, even years. Several of my friends in period of one year experienced fracture of the hand, severe injury by hit from a ship's mooring rope, fall onto the shoulder. In each of the incidents the pain in the limb or shoulder remained due to the injured nerves.

As can be expected in 100% of cases doctors did not prescribe any treatment to restore nerve conduction. Absolutely none! My friends are men in active age and had to recover quickly to return to their professional duties but for many months they couldn't get better. Knowing that they will not receive help from standard medicine I prescribed them three-month treatment course which consisted in the acceptance of vitamins B9 and B12 as for vitamin B9 the dose was 400 micrograms/day (orally) and for vitamin B12 - 200 micrograms/day (in sublingual form). In all textbooks on neurology, physiology, pathophysiology and internal medicine you will find that for injured nerves should be performed treatment with these two vitamins. No doctor however prescribes these vitamins. Why? Because patients will find out that they have magical and quick restorative effect. However, the idea is to keep you suffering so that you will be compelled to visit again and again the so called doctors in favour of their pocket and greed!

After the first month of intake of vitamins B9 and B12 pains started to disappear as by the third month there wasn't even a sign of the traumas. The treatment of the effects of damaged nerves with vitamin B12 and B-Complex which contains B9 is classic in such cases !.

The conclusion is: read if you want to be healthy, if you want to avoid the hanging in front of doctors' offices where you shall be humiliated and tossed around like an unnecessary rag.

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