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Brushing teeth is an element of human health with the particular significance. Maybe you'll be surprised if I tell you that brushing your teeth is only the second most important measure in our efforts to keep them healthy. Paramount is what we eat. It is impossible to have healthy teeth without daily intake of green foods, vegetables and fruits. For example the absence of vitamin C contained in spinach, parsley, etc. in the body leads to bleeding and bared gums and periodontal disease. The lack of yogurt and cheese in your daily diet leads to calcium deficiency - a major component of bones and teeth.

After meals for cleaning the interdental space use interdental brushes or dental floss. Toothbrushes in no way may remove trapped food therein and it begins to decay immediately into your mouth and moreover despite that it lowers the alkalinity of the oral cavity creating favourable pathogenic environment for microbes which contributes to the development of cervical caries at the base of the teeth. Having finished with the interdental brush or dental floss rinse it. Now take your ordinary toothbrush and place a small amount of toothpaste on it. Use cool or warm water. Brush your teeth at least two minutes, slowly, with moderate pressure, performing reciprocating (back and forth - horizontally), circular and vertical motions. This is done both for the front and rear side of the teeth. Rinse your mouth well.

If after brushing your gums start to bleed prepare a solution with baking soda and rinse with it for 30 seconds. Baking soda tightens capillaries in the gums. With the same solution necessarily make a gargle of your tonsils in order to keep them in good health by killing the microbes that has adhered thereto while having a meal. Do not use mouthwash liquids that are sold in pharmacies. It is not necessary and in addition they contain carcinogens. For treatment drink 1 ampoule of vitamin C 200 mg.

After completion of brushing and at the start of the next one rinse the brush head with boiling water to disinfect it. If you miss that next time when you start brushing your teeth you will return part of the pathogenic bacteria from the last brushing back in your mouth. Then run the faucet to drain some cold water so as to prevent burning of the person who will use the faucet after you. In order to avoid transmission of diseases between family members keep your toothbrushes separately.

Choose toothpastes with least ingredients as necessarily avoid such containing fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), parabens.

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