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The book aims to complement your practical knowledge and skills to cope with everyday affections and to tell in popular language the basic theoretical principles concerning the functioning of the human body. Its writing arose from my desire to give to my children the accumulated over the years from my wife and me expertise related to healthy lifestyles.

Although the book does not claim to be comprehensive it affects topics that concern our daily ailments and habits - good and bad with which we live. This is a practical guide to sensible and healthy lifestyle for people with discipline and personality. Each case therein is explained solely based on academic knowledge derived from books on medicine as well as official papers and scientific works of Nobel laureates and eminent scientists in the field of medicine, in particular - biochemistry, microbiology, physiology. Everything contained in the text are not my assumptions but an expose strictly adhering to the accumulated for millennia academic knowledge of countless doctors on human health yet since the time of Hippocrates. The narrative enters into sharp contradiction with the practice and illiteracy of the so-called modern doctors subservient to pharmaceutical companies to the state of oblivion but actually there isn't contradiction to real medicine as it is in the textbooks.

The book takes a thorough gander also at the work of authors (also medics) who are called by people without medical education - doctors practicing alternative medicine. It is their searches and discoveries, diligently hidden from the public, that are the most valuable pearls that stand in the crown of medical knowledge whose symbol is the book "My Health Legacy".

As parents yourselves you know that kids are kids they do not listen to what we repeat them a thousand times. When it comes to health however we need to be most insistent. The wise man said: "The foolish remembers the smartest writes it down." Therefore I decided that the only way I could leave them this knowledge is through this book. Without it they might possibly remember this and that from what I have spoken to them but quite another story is to fan the pages and read all the details I've ever extended them with all my care and love! I myself have been raised with love and care so I feel it is my duty to give this humanity to my own descendants.

I would like my children to be primarily healthy and happy people as I am confident that all described in these pages will help a lot this wish of mine to be fulfilled.

And finally - live so as to avoid intervention from standard medicine "specialists" but if you are overtaken by disease - read a lot and think long, never trust blindly and unquestioningly the illiterate and greedy physicians for whom you will always be only a tool for their enrichment.

The best doctor is yourself.
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