What kind of water should I drink

What kind of water should I drink? If possible drink mineral water being alkaline as much as possible. I use water from Gorna Banya spring number 3. Why? Because I have measured that precisely this water gives reaction to pH test strip litmus paper of 7.5 units (slightly alkaline) while the remaining mineral (spring) water on the Bulgarian market are having acidic pH. Do not be fooled by the label of the plastic bottles on which is printed almost always pH 9,2 - 9,7. This is the pH of the water at the spring’s location. While it reaches you for reasons that I shall not specify in details herein the water loses some of its alkaline content. More about the importance of alkalinity and measurement of the acidity I described in chapter "Medicine and Physiology." 

So, drink alkaline water. Avoiding tap water is a must. Absolutely! The water supply system in any country in the world is a breeding ground for germs of any pathogenic (disease-causing) nature. The infinite number of pumps, valves, settling tanks and filters through which water passes add elements harmful to health and its chlorination carried out presumably for disinfection not only does not do any good but makes it with a lousy taste for drinking. Chlorine leads to the formation of dioxins that are harmful to the human body.

Occasional mineral springs scattered throughout the country can be an excellent source of water but they can cause many diseases as well. My advice is not to drink from a source that you have not tested in a certified laboratory for heavy metals, salts, macro- and microelements, pH. Most commonly mineral waters are available in disposable plastic bottles. Note that they emit into the water toxic substances when being heated and exposed to direct sunlight so keep the bottle in the shade and after drinking it to the end do not use it to pour liquids again back there. In repeated use over time on its walls are accumulated germs that you surely do not need.

An addition for people who intend to emigrate to the United States. This country is the largest concentration camp in the world. There the population is exposed to unprecedented radiation caused by hundreds of nuclear weapons tests conducted on its territory for many decades as a result the residual radiation will irradiate all living matter couple of centuries ahead. Despite that 92% of the food in the US as of 2005 was genetically modified (GMO) also the law does not require food packaging containing food of GMO origin to be marked accordingly. In their schools it is a must to be placed vending machines for selling the uniquely harmful potato chips and Coca-Cola thanks to which Americans’ obesity reached stunning proportions and their water is being fluoridated (chlorination is another process) and the authorities as a justification for this explain that they strive to achieve better health for teeth but actually fluorine is the most reactive element in nature which enters the brain causing tumors. Let me remind you that the officially approved ways to "treatment" of cancer in the US in 2013 is a business for $400 billion a year and globally for more than $1 trillion. Statistics from the beginning of water fluoridation in 1970 to present times shows tragic increase in children born with Down syndrome in the United States counting 1 in 5,000 in 1975 reaching 1 in 50 in 2012 state’s "caring" for which represents again a multibillion business in this rotten country.


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