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How much water should I drink

How much water should I drink? Daily intake of water should conform to the weight of each individual as well as the season. In the summer time acceptance must be increased due to sweating. The amount is calculated by multiplying the physiological constant of 30 ml/kg by the personal weight. For example a person weighing 100 kg should drink at least 3 liters of water a day. In children this amount must be a little more and in the elderly slightly less. The indicated rate applies only to pure water we take every day without counting neither the water accepted with food nor coffees and juices drunken. Beer, juices, alcoholic beverages are not considered an amount of water drunk as they are rather food and therefore their physiological effect on the organism is completely different. The acceptance of unreasonably large amount of water however is even more harmful in short terms than its deficiency in the body. Within the body in the ingress of water the cells receive they expand but in the skull the neurons (the brain cells) have nowhere to expand. Accepting unreasonably large amount of water (more than 5 liters for less than 2.5 hours) a man falls unconscious followed by brain death. Do not drink more than 4-5 liters of water per day distributed at regular intervals during the day.

People whom I've helped to realize the critical health’s need of water shared that at first they were hard to get used to drinking water following a regime because they forget to drink. Comes to help a general rule until a lasting habit for following a drinking regime is created, namely - a man must carry water with himself constantly wherever he goes. In the car, on the desk in the office, on the table at home, on the nightstand! There is no other way! I repeat once again that the resumption of the habit of drinking water in its physiological rates takes months!Колко вода да пиете?


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