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Bread and Bakery Products

Bread and Bakery Products. The main issues with bread are two. How much bread and what kind of bread? I will answer you in one sentence - two slices of whole wheat bread a day. Bread is needed because of its mineral composition and fibers but it is the total quantity you need. Above in the book I wrote about the harm of white bread and so I will only add that overdoing with whole wheat bread also will not lead you to anything good. Toasting it is a useful habit. Hundreds of years ago in Tsarist Russia there was a law that forbade its citizens to sell and eat fresh bread. It is harmful to health. You will ask ... and how to resist the warm white morsel with a fantastic crispy crust? It is difficult but more oftenly you should be indifferent to such temptations.

Bakery products to which I would like to point your attention particularly are the prepacked croissants - that you could buy from any supermarket as well as to pies and muffins available even at small bakeries. Years in a row at home we stored in a cupboard a certain supply of croissants. They were of known and advertised brand. When we wanted to eat something sweet we were reaching for the cupboard but what happened afterwards. After the brief moment of pleasure we suffered from heaviness in the stomach that lasted at least 1 hour then came the turn of incredible heartburn - both for my family and me. After some time we decided that we will not buy this shit ever again despite the alluring taste and guess what? We never had heartburn again. Make your own conclusion! You will ask ... what do you have against the patties and buns from pastry shops? Everything. These are made using white flour and cooked in dirty and unhygienic premises where mice and cockroaches crawl. The makers fill them with all sorts of fats and imitation of white and yellow cheese. They contain raising agents and preservatives in quantities enough for а full scale chemical industry trade fair.Bread and Bakery Products

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