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Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar and Sweeteners. Sugar is an insidious friend. It must be cautiously taken. It is composed of glucose and fructose in other words it is a disaccharide. It is produced from sugar cane and in 50% of all cases it is made of GMOs. Use very carefully sugar in your daily regimen. Overdoing sugar leads inevitably to diabetes. Pancreas gets stressed. Overweight is piled in the form of subcutaneous fat if the energy that sugar gives us is not used at the moment of its intake.

Although glucose is used as cell's fuel and in particular of the mitochondria in it for the production of the energetic ATP (mentioned above in this book) the liver synthesizes from food for us glucose in the form of glycogen at all times. Great delusion is to think that the energy with which we live must come from sugar. It comes from any food. Sugar is less caloric than honey.
No matter how harmful the sugar is, however, the sweeteners which are always cancerogenic are 200 times sweeter than sugar. To stay healthy never buy any food in which composition are used sweeteners. You can find them easily on the packaging. Marked with E950 to E956. These are introduced practically in almost all croissants, muffins, candy bars, chocolates, "natural" juices, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, coloured carbonated soft drinks of any kind.

An interesting fact is that the blood plasma contains only 5.7 grams of glucose which in hard work may supply us with energy for 15 minutes. Generally our body stores about 340 grams of glycogen as 150 grams of it is in our liver and the rest is in the muscles. This is a significant amount of energy. Do we need to add excessive amounts to it. Of course not. If you could not use sugar much better. Still life needs a little luxury and joy, so live wisely.sugar

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