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Eggs. Eggs are one of the most valuable foods in our daily menu. Since the egg is actually an embryo cell then it contains 100% of the set of 20 amino acids that you daily need. With eggs, however, one must be careful. Do not eat or drink raw eggs if you do not have any specific reason. Raw eggs are a carrier of salmonella. They have a shelf life of about 30 days so when buying them from the store always do bother yourself to test one or two eggs from the box to make sure these are all really fresh. Damaged (old) eggs even boiled are very dangerous to health.

How to find out how fresh the eggs are? Take a glass of 250 ml. Fill it 2/3 with water and place the egg so as to completely cover it with the water. If the egg rests horizontally on the bottom it's absolutely fresh. If it is still touching with one of its ends the bottom but generally stands at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the bottom then it is fresh but it is 1 week old if the egg stands vertically to the bottom but is not separated from it then this egg is 2-3 weeks old and if the egg begins to float on the surface of the water then it is very old. Throw it away.

Doctors spread another myth. That eggs contain a lot of cholesterol (which is the same as cholesterin) and should therefore be avoided. Absolutely wrong! One egg has 213 mg of cholesterol. For comparison I will tell you that when you get angry very much the bile as an organ in the body producing cholesterol may secreted 1,000 mg at one time. Half of the weight of the neurons in the brain is due to the cholesterol that is the main constructive material of the myelin coating of neuronal queues (the axons). Without this coating brain activity is impossible! Cholesterol is important for prevention of bleeding of blood vessels! The amount of cholesterol in an egg a day is not only negligible but even important to you. The egg is one of the richest sources of the fatty acid Omega-3 that regulates the fastest the amount of "bad" cholesterol in your blood (LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein).яйца

It is a must to wash the eggs before storing them in the refrigerator and before you begin to cook or break them for use.

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