Rich assortment with calorie malnutrition

Malnutrition. The food should be diverse but each meal should end with a calorie malnutrition. What do I mean? To achieve obtaining of the necessary substances to the body through nutrition food should be diverse both in each specific dish and more generally - within the week, month, season. Uniformity in diet consisting of only a few favourite foods within a short time results in a rapid development of allergies. Calorie malnutrition means simply that it is necessary the composition of the diet to match your energy expenditure - your daily needs, as the healthy goal is the energy income to be slightly less than the energy expenditure. Also the ingested amount should be such so that after the end of a meal you should feel slightly hungry.

Why should we do so? Through research conducted on mice has been found that those which were fed with a calorie rich menu lived 40% shorter than the mice which have been given food of the same proper variety but insufficient in caloric value. This applies to all living creatures. Here is the place for a little deeper entry into the knowledge of nutrition. While carrying out the metabolic processes in the organism (the conversion of food into starting materials for the synthesis of specific human chemical compounds) temperature is radiated. Chronic temperature rise in the body at any unreasonably high in caloric value diet causes premature aging. Cells are aging more slowly at low temperatures than at high whatever the source of that heat is. A basic principle in physiology. Therefore you should eat diverse but smart in terms of calories and your lifestyle.Rich assortment with calorie malnutrition

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