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Why extreme obesity is pandemic?

Obesity. Proteins (together with lipids are the basic building blocks of the cell membrane. The body uses them also for the synthesis of enzymes by ribosomes. Enzymes are those catalysts or inhibitors of biochemical processes in the body without which their regulation stops and occur any kind of abnormalities leading ultimately to a mutation of DNA in the cell nucleus and cell death respectively and as I said the mutated DNA is expressed in the form of cancer.

Poor protein food especially genetically modified (GMO) consumed in the form of toxic junk like chips, waffles, snacks, croissants, chocolate candy bars, wheat crunchies, soft drinks – Coca-Cola (Coke), Fanta, Sprite, countless chemical juices and etc. hardly provides us with useful substances. The main role of the stomach and intestines is to decompose the food and proteins contained therein to amino acids so that the cells in our body could be able to build their human proteins. What happens in practice? We consume high-energy carbohydrate foods but their nutritional value to the body is zero as regards to the other 99% of our biochemical needs. Our body perceives this change in diet as threatening its energy needs primarily determined by the selfishness of brain cells which are always secured first with oxygen and water. The body enters a mode of accumulation of energy reserves in the form of subcutaneous fat in large quantities which is one of the main sources of energy for the cell and the body as a whole and ultimately we become colossally fat because adipocytes expand up to 4 times after which the body produces and fills more and more and more new fat cells. Even if we want to lose weight we have to wait eight years so as to occur apoptosis (programmed cell death) of unnecessary body adipocytes in order for them to phagocytize (figuratively speaking to be eaten by macrophages) and to be removed from the body.

Another example of nutrient suicide - it's the white bread which heaps up calories but actually it is a "dead" food because there is nothing useful in it. But how come someone will say it is so delicious? Yes and that is all. An experiment conducted with mice fed with white bread for 90 days and a control group of mice fed with whole grain bread for the same period shows that 75% of mice fed with white bread have died while all fed with the whole grain bread are alive and healthy. This is because in the coating of the grains are concentrated the mineral elements extracted from Mother Earth - vitamins, micro- and macroelements while the core of the grain is the energy reserve of the plant - a mechanical mixture of condensed glucose molecules called starch. In nature this energy reserve makes sense to ensure the future plant with energy in its germination in the soil but for the man that energy carries minimal benefits. What is the conclusion of poaching with all that GMOs and other junk - we eat to bursting and indeed we are biochemically hungry.Why extreme obesity is pandemic?
Why extreme obesity is pandemic?

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