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White and Yellow Cheese (Sheep and Goat)

White and Yellow Cheese. Cheese is another good source of calcium. Do not bread but strive to eat without further processing. On the market there is an offering of cheeses with mold and mildew on them. Do not buy or eat such food perversions. These are not part of Bulgarian identity and culture but product of nations for which for the last one thousand years to the present day basic "civilizational values" are same-sex sexual partnerships - widely spread across Western Europe and bloodline intermarriage - such as the one of the current queen of Britain Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip who is her third cousin. Mildew and mold on cheese are highly toxic. If you forgot the cheese in the fridge and it became moldy do not clean it because the molecules of the toxic product of oxidation fills within hours the entire volume thereof.

The choice of a brand of white or yellow cheese is subject to the following principle - choose the most expensive one on the shelf in the store. In this manner it most likely to avoid the possibility of buying imitation without full guarantees that the product is genuine. Smoked cheese is particularly toxic food. Eating 200 grams of it is equivalent to smoking of a cartoon of cigarettes.

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