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Meat and Sausages

Meat and Sausages. Meat is necessary. Meat should be eaten in 3-4 days. It should not be overdone because it greatly acidifies the body. It must be fresh. Any kind of meat purchased anywhere or grown at home is now only of GMO origin. But how could this be true, even the home one? Well, think. What do you feed the animals with? Where did you purchase their food? You growed it yourself? Well, where from did you purchase the seeds? And why did you buy seeds rather than use last year's harvest? Do not germinate? Yes, because in all GMO foods there is a recessive gene killer which makes the seed unfit for reproduction. Here is 100% proof that the meat is always 100% GMO. Same applies for chickens all the animals that are fed with alfalfa.

As I said without meat we cannot be healthy! However, there are always people who say that in vegetables and cereals are found all 20 amino acids needed by the body and consumption of meat is not necessary. Yes, all of these 20 amino acids are present in some rare and exotic vegetables and cereals but there is a big "but" and it depletes the folly of such allegations, namely that in a laboratory under a microscope one might find all these amino acids among 200 different products of plant origin but in what quantity? The answer is: In an amount that tends to zero i.e. so insignificant amount as if the amino acids are not present therein at all. It turns out that in order to provide ourselfs with the necessary amino acids every time we sit down at the table we have to eat a mountain of vegetables and grains which is significantly above the normal human abilities. Further comments are hardly needed.

The facts exposed herein are the reason explaining why vegetarians look older, have drawn faces bearing tired expression, without joy, with opaque eyes and sad sight. All this because of lack of meat! Another ridiculous argument of vegetarians is that cows and horses stay healty although for a lifetime they eat only grass. Similar laughable arguments arouse in any sane person only pity for those who speak such nonsense. Cows have completely different digestive system compared to humans. They store the grass swallowed in the stomach and therein it begins to ferment. If people happen to do something like this they will die up to 24 hours even only by the toxic gases formed. Horses do not graze only grass they eat oats and oats is a food with high protein content exactly the same as we the people need but we provide ourselves with proteins using meat in quantity and quality which horses achieved by eating oats. I suggest that all vegetarians switch to cow's or horse's diet only and lets see how long they shall survive. The answer is clear. Neither a day! Have you ever thought why we humans have a pair of fangs? Because we are descendants of primates and they are carnivores! So far I have not seen herbivores with fangs! And you?

Only meat contains the critically important for the body vitamin B12 which together with folic acid (vitamin B9) in their synergistic (interdependent) action are involved in the synthesis of three of the essential amino acids within the human body which in turn are precursors of DNA molecules in the nuclei of our cells. Without properly synthesized DNA molecules we die! There is no plant in which you will find vitamin B12! We humans synthesize vitamin B12 in our colon (large intestine) but we absorb it in the small intestine. Do you understand the paradox? We cannot use it because the direction of movement of the contents in you bowels is clear. This paradox has reflected in nature. Surely you have seen times how rabbits, dogs and cats eat their stool. I suppose, however, that until now you did not know why they do it. There is nothing unnatural but rather it is the law of nature. The stool has vitamin B12. Not in plants but in the stool! Also in the meat of course - mostly in the liver which is our warehouse for B12!

Sausages offered in stores are a topic that I will discuss briefly because the principle there is as follow - do not buy any sausage, ever, under any circumstances! All frankfurters, sausages, salami etc.and hundreds of derivatives thereof are stuffed with soybean, colorants, carcinogenic flavorants such as sodium nitrite, etc. If a person is fortunate to be invited to taste homemade sausages then it is quite different story.

Did you know that the lower chicken legs accumulate all the toxins from GMO food which the chickens are fed with? In Russia they call these "Bush legs" because just after the end of the Cold War in the period 1989 - 1993 when the US president was George Bush - Senior his administration began to send each year "donations" to the Russian people under the form of lower chicken legs. Deliveries continued 10 years in a row while comes a time when Russian scientists under more detailed batch survey established with horror huge amount of toxins that concentrate in the lower legs of the grown with GMOs chickens in the US.

I will conclude with the topic of smoking meats. Read about smoked cheeses above as the conclusions are the same.

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