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Exercises without weights (gymnastics)

Gymnastics is the easiest form of physical activity that everyone can practice both outdoor and home. Morning gymnastics however is particularly important for facilitating the start of the day and especially during the working week. Drowsiness that lasts long after our awakening can be overcome by physical warm-up within 15-30 minutes. After the first 2 minutes of exercise your brain goes into hypoxia because the stock of ATP which provides instant energy to every creature is running out very quickly and then the physiological mechanisms for obtaining ATP by metabolic pathways start to operate. Thus the blood movement effected by gymnastics delivers oxygen to the 'hungry' mitochondria and they produce ATP then we wake up completely.

The set of eight exercises for morning warm-up shown below ensures you excellent freshness in the morning. These include loading of the abdominal muscles (contraction and twisting) to improve bowel peristalsis, push-ups to prevent intercostal neuralgia, lifting of the pelvis and bending in a semi-arc as a fish backwards to strengthen the back muscles and prevention of spondylosis (deformation of vertebrae and consequent trapping of the the adjacent nerves) and ossification (exostosis).

Before getting up (in bed):
- Exercise 1 - Lying on your back do 20 crunches by lifting the legs half way up fully stretched and half the torso with arms aimed at the legs.
- Exercise 2 - Lying on your back with your hands behind on your head do 15 crunches by touching with your left elbow your right knee and vice versa.
- Exercise 3 - Raise and bend your knees slightly. Start describing circles by imitating riding a bicycle. Perform until you feel a tactile fatigue in the abdominal muscles.
- Exercise 4 - Stretch your arms aside on the bed. Touch your knees to one another and bend your legs at 90О so as to step on your feet. Start lifting your pelvis as much as possible upwards and then loosen it down. Repeat 10 times.

Exercises without weights (gymnastics)

After getting up (upright):
- Exercise 5 - Put your legs apart at shoulder width. Stretch your arms forward and start to squat and rise. Perform 10 times. Repeat the series.
- Exercise 6 - Put your hands behind your head. Lifting your left leg try to touch your right elbow. Perform 10 times. Repeat the series.
- Exercise 7 - Push-ups. Perform with stretched body and head up looking toward the horizon. Perform two series of 10 repetitions.
- Exercise 8 - Lying on ground on your stomach with your hands along the body and legs outstretched. Start lifting both the torso and legs. Perform this exercise slowly in a series of 10 repetitions.

Exercises without weights (gymnastics)

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