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Exercises with weights

Exercises with weights - power load, bodybuilding. Working out with weights can do both at home and in the gym. Before the main training make warming up with small weights with slow movements - for stretching the joints and tendons and preparation of the muscles. The large number of repetitions with small weights develops endurance and in order to increase muscle mass do a smaller number of repetitions with heavier weights. Do not overload yourself and keep the waist. At the time of physical activity (whatever it is) do not eat any food. Do not even chew gum. Why this is a harmful and dangerous habit is explained hereinafter. Upon muscles training (in the implementation of the power part) exhale but inhale before that. Do not hold your breath. This leads to the development of emphysema (rupture of alveolar groups) and chronic dyspnoea (breathlessness) that deepens in aging.

Do not repeat every day the same exercises because that inevitably leads to the development of tendovagenitis (inflammation of the tendon sheaths in place of their attachment to the bone). Good variety of different exercises is needed during the different days of the week leaving every third day for rest without training. Muscles grow effectively only when good balance between stress and relaxation is achieved. Each excessive training leads to disease processes within the body in any sport. If you train hard and regularly your food should necessarily include increased intake of proteins of more than 2 grams/kg/day to maintain the nitrogen balance in the body and to prevent the start of self-destruction of tissues (mostly the muscles) in order to obtain the amino acid deficiency for protein synthesis.

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