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Late afternoon meal (snack)

Late afternoon meal (snack). This is the time of day that is most appropriate to include fruit into your diet. You know the proverb: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." That's exactly right. Choose fruits according to season and your taste. Apple, kiwi, banana, strawberry, raspberry, pear, pumpkin. Baked or boiled squash is a great laxative sulphur contained therein helps to deal with the allergic skin lesions by collecting the toxins in the body. Do not overdo the quantity. Fruits contain fructose which is a monosaccharide and is extremely easily absorbed by the body, does not take part in the lipogenesis process (the increase in you fat depots - fattening) which makes them dietary. Bananas are good food for the heart with its high potassium content but are extremely caloric and they lead to fattening in the same way as overdoing with carbohydrate foods.

Perhaps you noticed that in many shops there are warning signs saying that the peel (skin) of the fruit is chemically treated with toxic substances in order to keep them fresh for longer. For this reason it is compulsory to peel the fruits - for example apples and lemons and for vegetables - cucumbers, carrots and the like. It is a well known fact that within the peel of fruits and vegetables are focused most of their useful substances but from this you can benefit only when such products are grown in your own garden. Until then uncompromisingly peel! An interesting food is the tahini made of flax and sesame seeds it contains a lot of calcium, omega-3 and vitamin B17. I personally like to smear a banana from one side with this tahini. The result is a very pleasing taste and the combination is laxative.

In the afternoon walk outside do not buy - cotton candy, sugar cockerels, ice cream, corn on the cob and popcorn prepared and stored in an open, improvised, dirty glass-angled hot dog trailer strollers who suffer from conspicuous absence of any hygiene, inhabited by herbarium of flies and spiders and managed by street vendors without a drop of consciousness! If you have not paid attention until now to those things it's time to think about what you give your child to eat in the park!

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