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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu. Your lunch menu must include cooked meal as a must. It is good for the stomach and depending on its composition brings between 40-60% of your daily income of energy. The lunch have to conform the current health status of your gastrointestinal tract. I suggest you a list of my favourite lunch foods. All of them are selected in a way so that they may not provoke allergic reactions, to increase to the greatest extent the acid-base balance of the body and be varied in composition.

Main dish
- Lentils soup
- Lamb meat with spinach and rice
- Grilled meatballs
- Meat and potatoes in an oven in clay casseroles
- Kavarma with pork meat
- Gyuvetch - a mix of vegetables
- Broad beans with pork or lamb meat
- Roasted chicken
- Vegetable soup
- Steaks on grill pan (chicken and pork)
- Chicken with tomatoes and white rice in the oven
- Fried meatballs (once in three months)
- Stuffed cabbage rolls with minced meat and rice
- Peppers with tomato sauce
- Chicken with mushrooms and cheese
- Roasted zucchini with garlic sauce

Minced meat to be ground from meat chosen by your. This service is carried out in butcher shops and most major grocery stores. Do not buy pre-packed up mixtures because most oftenly these are full of horns, hooves, veins, hair and primarily meat with expired shelf life that you feel as an indigestible particles which you spit in disgust every time you use such imitation of food.

Green herbs (fresh and dried)
The main spices in any kitchen are - celery, fennel, parsley, mint (spearmint), bay leaf, savory - do not miss them. They impart flavour and have healing properties.

Side dishes and other additives to the main dish

- Brown rice
- Dry or fresh onion
- Dry or fresh garlic
- Olives
- Cow or sheep cheese
- Sliced and flavoured cucumber
- Bread (2 slices whole wheat, for the entire day)
- Millet buns
- Butter or lard
- French fries (once in three months)
- Thinly sliced pork fat (once a week)
- Boiled millet - rich in vitamin B17


Do not buy desserts from chain stores, local shops, cafes, bakeries, petrol stations and from anywhere else. In these desserts manufacturers mandatorily put carcinogenic colorants and sweeteners. Prepare desserts yourself at home only at most once a week. Desserts deplete very quickly the resource of your pancreas and lead to severe pathological conditions.

Here are my sweet suggestions:
- Cake
- Baked macaroni
- Starch cream (malebi)
- Fruit Salad
- Homemade jams
(Strawberry, raspberry, apricot, cherry, fig)

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