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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu. As the wise man said, our lives begin with porridge and ends with porridge. The easiest foods for absorption are the grounded ones. The morning breakfast made of grounded nuts, seeds and vegetable germs is one of the most complete foods for the day. It is rich in virtually every mineral, protein, vitamin and amino acid ingredients that we need.

The amount and type of ingredients in the breakfast is as follows:

Ingredients needed for porridge:
- Oat flakes (fine) - 4 tablespoons
- Flax seed - 1 tablespoons
- Sesame seeds - 1 tablespoons
- Pumpkin seeds (raw, hulled) - 1 tablespoons
- Wheat germ - 2 tablespoons
- Brazilian walnut - 2 nuts
- Almonds (raw) - 5 nuts
- Hazelnuts (raw) - 5 nuts
- Apricot kernels (raw) – 5 nuts
- Walnuts (raw) - 2 nuts
- Bulgarian yogurt (2% fat) - 200-250 grams.
- Honey – 1 tablespoon

Other products and ingredients to the breakfast:
- Egg (boiled) – 1 pce
- Vitamin С 100 mg – 2 tablets

Method of preparation
Flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, brazilian walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and apricot kernels are to be grounded into powder with a food processor or grinder. Pour all this into a bowl and add to them the oat flakes and the wheat germ. The two tablets of vitamin C to be grounded between two soupspoons and also to be added to the other products. The only ingredient left to be put in the bowl is 200 - 250 grams of Bulgarian yogurt previously allowed to adopt ambient temperature. All this must be stirred until a homogeneous mass is achieved. Wait 15 minutes so as the dust from nuts and seeds to be soaked well. This is the time in which you can boil an egg. The egg must be salted. To sweeten the porridge use one tablespoon of honey. Before proceeding to meal drink 1 liter of water and wait 15-30 minutes.

Brazilian walnut is valuable because of its content of selenium but overdoing selenium is very harmful and therefore take not more than two brazilian nuts a day. Never buy nuts originating from the United States. These are always treated with poisonous chemicals! Never buy nuts in bulk from open markets.

The same applies to dried fruits. If you buy them in bulk they should look clean and as a must try few samples thereof. Those that are sold packaged in stores are treated with chemicals that give them a longer shelf life. They stay sticky on fingers in a very specific way. Never buy them. If you look more closely at such a package of dried fruits you will find any biological material such as human and animal hair, nails and others that are adhering to the dried in dirty shops and premises fruits. For the spitting by flies and the transfer of any sorts of infections with them I shall not mention more detail herein.

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