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Beverages. Do not use any beverage during a meal and at least 2 hours after a meal, because they dilute stomach contents and this bad habit leads to serious chronic problems with stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages to be avoided or at least their use to be done in special occasions. People said: "Pure water for peaceful mind". However, if you choose to consume alcohol with your meal have in mind that concerning spirits moderate physiological norm bring amounts up to 100 ml. and in the use of wine - one glass.

If possible, do not buy spirits and prepare your own. Thus you will ensure yourself a pure product without chemical additives with real taste. Regarding wines I shall add that real wine from real grapes does not exist in stores. These are liquids treated with chemical flavours and alcoholic substances. Above in the book I spoke about the aggressive foods that most commonly cause heartburn but I must add also the wines thereto. The myth of the usefulness of red wines and excellent cardiovascular health of French people is actually propaganda running for decades of a business which earns billions of dollars each year. The truth about the longevity of French people is rooted in the fact that they use butter instead of the "plastic" margarine as the butter is the product with the shortest hydrocarbon chain in the whole group of fats and oils that we take with our food and use for cooking. Being short the molecule of butter breaks fullest within the body at the lowest cost of chemical energy and respectively at least separated body temperature and as I said it is essential for the gerontological (aging) processes that occur in our body.

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