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Food Combining

Food Combining. The theme of food combining is described in details and discussed to boring by any nutrition "capacity". Although the tempting explanation and enthusiasm of theorists and practitioners of this "magical" diet still I have not seen anyone that has achieved lasting weight loss. Why? Because this is another bluff and a try someone to lie to somebody else or fool himself that he/she will achieve weight loss by something different from strict discipline and temperance. The main contradiction in the so called food combining lies in the fact that in every food, I repeat, in absolutely every food contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The excuse that in food combining are selected foods with dominant content of any of these three groups is ridiculous. But please! How would you separate from a pork chop only the fat, carbohydrates or proteins? Nonsense! And from potatoes? From bread? This is impossible. Are you sure that you body is satisfied that it is deprived of the natural process of a varied diet? Of course not. In the course of such an unhealthy diet the body goes into metabolic shock. The physiological process of digestion and extraction in the greatest degree of usefulness of the food is achieved solely in its diversity. People who propagate and practice food combining are biochemically ignorant because the body uses from the food not what we think it will take and what it actually needs at ionic and amino acid level in certain moment of time which is totally out of our control. These people have no sense of harmony with nature. Have you ever seen an animal to eat in "food combing" style? I am not! After all subjected to a "food combining" diet return their weight back with some surplus immediately after its end.

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