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Allergies. Allergies are a sign of autoimmune disease in all cases. The difficulty of their mastering comes from diagnosing the exact allergen (antigen), which awakens an allergic reaction in you. Allergens are cigarettes, pollens and all blossoms, foods (strawberries, raspberries, garlic, eggplant, tomatoes, etc.), the alcohol, vinegar and yet a number of other factors.

The most common manifestations are dermatitis (skin lesions), difficulty in breathing, decreased heart rate (due to the release of large amounts of histamine in the body) and burning eyes. Short but relatively fast action (within 72 hours) have anti-histamine medications (for example Claritine) but their intake is reasonably to be limited up to 10 days although in acute need may be extended up to 20 and 30 days but yet they are highly damaging to the body and should not be first choice because they stimulate tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) while in some men are observed the formation of a semblance of female breasts.

An enormous role in the management of allergic conditions has the hydration of the body. Drink water as per the instructions given in chapter "Water" for the resumption of normal hydration. Excellent antiallergic effect have Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 - to be taken with folic acid of 400 micrograms. Vitamin C can be administered in doses of 500, 1,000, 2,000 to 12,000 milligrams. It is a water soluble vitamin and alike the vitamins of group B it does not accumulate in the body and does not cause intoxication. If anyone prevents you from taking similar amounts of vitamin C such as your general practitioner convincing you that it is useless or toxic in large doses or that its intake leads to the formation of kidney stones remind him the world famous fact in medical history that the discoverer of vitamin C - Linus Pauling together with his students in order to show that man cannot reach intoxication with huge doses of even 12,000 milligrams (12 grams) per day has injected for 30 years himself each day such doses intravenously and as we know venous intake significantly improves the absorption of medicinal preparations.

Upper intake limit of Vitamin C everyone can establish for himself due to the fact that vitamin C acts loosening of the body as in increasing the dose at one time you will get increased production of gases (flatulence) and then you will reach the state of diarrhea. This dosage will be the maximum absorbable by your body but not toxic in any way.

Regarding Vitamin B12. In allergy I recommend the sublingual form of 200 micrograms per day of Haya Labs for 30 days though a dose of 1,000 micrograms of Solgar for 10 days will also act well in the fight against allergies. For individuals suffering from CHD (coronary heart disease) the dose is 100 micrograms every second day for a period of two months. The folic acid (Vitamin B9) which you should take with B12 for its better utilization should not exceed the daily recommended dose of 400 micrograms - this is the most oftenly offered pharmaceutical packaging of tablets. There is a high probability Vitamins of group B to cause vivid and memorable dreams. Nothing scary. Simply these vitamins significantly improve the performance of your neurons respectively of the brain as a whole.

A drug that you can take in a moment of accidental manifestation of allergic reaction is Allergosan.

In any allergic reaction doctors will always prescribe the intake of corticosteroids. It is important to clarify that corticosteroids and any steroid preparations are highly damaging to the body as they lead to cancer. The damage from corticosteroids occurs immediately because they lower the natural forces of the immune system by suppressing its function and the body starts to rely more and more not on its own forces for protection but to the external factor taken with these preparations. Thus one enters into the corticosteroid dependency spiral out of which there is no escape, I repeat - there is no escape.

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