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Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia. Very often in childhood and sometimes into adulthood suddenly appears an unpleasant constricting pain that moves from left shoulder along the ribs and reaches the sternum in the area around the heart. This is intercostal neuralgia. Transient neurological condition (lasting 10-15 seconds) without any health risk. Since the pain is unknown and acute many people think they have a heart problem (suspected heart attack) and fall into severe shock. My acquaintance after such pain visited a cardiologist for a consult and he told him that this is the result of cigarette smoking. Naturally the cardiologist was joking with my fellow but the result is commendable - he quit smoking cigarettes.

As a child I often suffered from similar pain I had created myself a technique by which to quickly overcome this condition. The technique is very simple. When the pain appears again slowly start raising your hand (from the pain side) in a stretched position ahead and describe a nice semi-arc backwards striving to stretch as much as possible the intercostal muscles. I guarantee you instant relief.

Another method is to inhale fresh air. Go outdoors and breathe deeply several times. In the first and second method the pinching of the nerve endings (axons) is released and the pain subsides.

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